23 August 2011

Day 22: Web Surfing

OK, let's start out with why I didn't do Day 21. Day 21 was your favorite recipe. Well, anything involving me or an oven or stove ends up being a catastrophic disaster. The last time I tried cooking mac and cheese, my dad was prepped to grab the fire extinguisher, which was safely in its box in the garage. Sadly, he was resorting to grabbing the fire extinguisher before I even had the noodles boiling. So, no recipe. Sorry to disappoint.

There was also the factor of time- I've been spending it prepping for the whole carpet fiasco. Currently, I've got all the little guts of my room cleaned up and out, just gotta get the big guts (furniture- bookshelf, empty of books, desk, with no toppings, the TV, which I dare not try to disconnect from the cable box, etc) into the garage, which I think my dad is doing probably tomorrow, rip up the carpet (probably tomorrow, replacing my bed so I can avoid 2 nights on the couch), and have it all replaced.

Day 22: What are some of your favorite websites?

I have a love/hate relationship with Blogger.  They have their glitches and flaws, but they have positive attributes too. It's a little buggy sometimes, but the interface isn't too bad. I like the widgets, the tags and scheduling of posts, being able to see different versions of stats, and I like the moderating of comments. I don't like when the whole site goes down for maintenance. I don't like when the stats are not working, and when the tags yell at me because I use an apostrophe. These don't happen often, but they do happen.

Social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, keeping interactions with people on the outside world, as well as being able to bring people in and broaden my knowledge base and my fan base. I can tweet and facebook with people from all over the country and around the world, and get to know people I never would have otherwise met. It's a wonderful experience. I also like Google+, Klout, Foursquare, and various other sites that I don't use as often.

I love Cracked.com and Mental Floss- Much interesting information, and many articles to get lost in- I am an information junkie! These sites feed my information sweet tooth. They also fill my time :) with much interesting (and educational, sometimes fun!) information. I also like the Cheezburger network, mainly for the puns. I'm a pun person! I like the funny and intellectual stuff =P

Google and wiki- I'm an information needy person! I have to know things. Usually I end up clicking one link, which leads to another, eventually wondering how I ended up at the place I did.

Youtube- One word- Videos!!!

OK, now that I've named most of the web, I think that's it! Time to check on the comforter (which has taken 4 hours to dry...WTF?!?! So I can go to bed (finally).



1 comment:

Jenny said...

I hate how long comforters take to dry. Living in a desert where it is wicked hot all the time, I usually just drag it outside and drape it over lawn chairs!

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