Blog Stalking

Many of my bloggy friends have buttons. If you have a button and don't see it, send a message to perpetuallyashley (at) gmail (dot) com and complain. I assure you that I don't like listening to others complain, and I'll do my best to fix it. If you're on here, congratulations, that means I love stalking you (some of you already knew that anyway)!!

I don't know how all of you super-techies do it, but mine will probably show up in a vertical column. Sorry I'm not a super-techie, you may have to scroll. Caveman way. Don't give up on me (hey, at least they're in alphabetical order...I still deny obsessive-compulsiveness!). If you want my button, it's on my Home page, so you can grab it there. It's much more plain than these.

    Photobucket  Photobucket   Edenland - you can't outrun your shadow.    Jenny Matlock Madam Bipolar Magneto Bold Too  My Big Nutshell Take-A My Badge Styling You Photobucket  the blog you're about to read Ad2  WheresMyGlow  Woogsworld

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