28 October 2011

Things I know- A Month Away

It hasn't been that long, has it? Oh yes, it has. Here's what I know:
  • Time...goes by....so slowwwwly....(imagine me singing "Unchained Melody")
  • I absolutely hate applying for jobs, especially those character parts of the application that are 50 pages long with 5 questions per page (online) and often ask redundant questions
  • A little time away can do a lot of good for your thoughts, and can help spark ideas
  • October and pollen are evil, and every year, they attack me and my sinuses. Argh! This is part of the reason I've not been around. Allergies >> Sinus pressure >> headaches >> not wanting to type a lot/think a lot/do a lot.
  • Being in the sort of state above makes me look lazy
  • My résumé sucks, and probably will for quite a while
  • Taking the exam to be a social worker is extremely expensive
  • The Rangers better play a better game tomorrow night, or I will be extremely unhappy.
I've jumped on the bandwagon a little bit early with these posts because they're simpler than some of the others, and have a sort of outline which I can follow. I've got a headache right now which is enough to tell me that I am going to stop now, finish facebooking and twitter, perhaps play a few games on my phone, and go to bed. I might make a "Grateful For" post tomorrow, because I already know what I want that one to be about. For now, deuces.




nellbe said...

That pollen is evil isn't it? It gets my son also and I feel for him.

shae said...

Time away is great for new ideas :)

Lisa H said...

I feel your pain. I've had a headache for the better part of a week. Not good when I've got uni assignments to do!

Job hunting is awful at the best of times, and I'm with you re: the useless questions on online applications. Hello! We don't have all day!

Good luck with the job hunt.

Rhianna said...

Hope the sinus has cleared a little and sorry that the Rangers didn't do better. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to you lovely Ashley and good luck with the job hunting

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