More About Me

Finishing a degree from University of Texas at Arlington in Social Work in August

Volunteering at the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County (MHATC)- no specific assignments

Intern at Mental Health/Mental Retardation of Tarrant County (MHMRTC)- I work at a substance abuse treatment facility for youth, in a residential treatment center. I run groups from time to time, and I conduct one-on-one sessions

I haven't had a job since I left Target- my last day is listed as my birthday (November 29) in 2009. 

I was a shift supervisor when I worked at KFC

I always wear my glow in the dark watch, my class ring, my 2 necklaces, 2 sets of earrings (must be gold, or they'll make my ears infected) and at least 2 hairbands on my wrist

I can't read in the car, or I'll get carsick

There's nothing wrong with being different. Even when it comes to mental health. There's help out there. 

I'm a night owl. If I'm able to get a Masters' level degree, I want to have a practice that is open after-hours, so I can work hours that better fit my waking hours (instead of being a morning zombie), that way people can come see me during afternoon and evening hours, instead of taking off work or school. I think it'll be great, because then, they can work and go to school during the day, which is often something necessary when it comes to people with lower incomes. I don't plan on charging as much as those with fancy doctorates in psychology...I can't, anyways. 

I'm addicted to technology. I don't know how I lived without it.

I like to write. I love to write for entertainment value, but sometimes, I run out of material and need to go on hiatus. 

Sometimes, I get kind in a mood where I take on more than I can handle (side note- volunteering at the MHA, interning at MHMR, and taking 3 classes over the summer at UTA is not more than I can handle!!)

I don't very much like people doing things for me; I'm kind of an independent person. When I ask for advice, though, I get very frustrated when the person doesn't help.
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