01 December 2011

The Post-Birthday Post

You may (or may not) have known that my birthday was earlier this week (29 November, to be precise).

This is my post-birthday post.

First, I'll talk about events leading up to my birthday...the 28th was pretty eventful, to my dismay. I found out I'll be paying $250 a month at minimum for the next 10 years or so for my loans, and I hardly even used loans...horrible. That wasn't the most eventful part though.

I came home on the way from running errands. I had been out all day. About 5 miles from home, my engine slows down in the middle of the state highway and sputters to a stop....at least giving me enough time to steer my car out of the highway, thankfully. I jump out and the engine is pumping out smoke. Genius. A nice cop stops and offers to sit with me while I wait for my dad to come and help me try to figure this out, and lets me sit in his SUV (cause that's what cops in Texas drive :P well, some of them, anyway).

My dad shows up, we put some oil in, and we try to drive my car home. As we're driving, my car is slowly overheating, I notice, and as we pull into the neighborhood, I see the needle wavering right up next to the H. As we pull into the driveway, my car starts sputtering to a stop like it did on the highway. I got it in park and we left it for the night. We knew it needed fixing, and would have to go to a shop.

Basically, the point of mentioning this is....I sat at home alone all day on my birthday. YAY!!! These are just a few of the wonderful things that led to my birthday.

Birthday wasn't all that bad though. I slept in. It was relaxing. I actually had the day off work. When my family came home, we went to Red Lobster for dinner, and I had this very large Berry flavored drink. When the lady asked for my ID, she noticed it was my birthday....ohhh no.

At the end of my meal, she brought out the whole crew to sing happy birthday to me. She grabbed everyone's attention, and said "Ashley here is celebrating her 21st birthday" and I immediately turned bright red and waved at her "No no no no no!! 24th!!" but she had already commenced in saying "So let's all join in singing Happy Birthday to her!" even after I had asked her not to make a big deal out of it. Embarrassed? You bet. I guess I'm 21 again!!!

After getting home, I got my gifts, which included a jacket I love (which was a size too small- we had to order the next size up online), some sock monkey slippers (I'm a sock monkey fanatic :D lol), and a keychain.

I also had to renew my drivers' license. The new picture sucks. I want the old one back. D:<



Lisa H said...

Glad to hear you made it home Ashley. GOod luck in getting your car fixed I hope it isn't anything too expensive! Happy birthday for last week. x

Jamie said...

Hope next year is better :)

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