15 September 2011

Thankful Thursday

This Thursday, I'm thankful for all my friends, on and offline, who have kept up with me, asked me how I'm doing, and made sure everything is going okay, even if it's not always consistent. They still do check on me, and that's what counts.

I'm thankful for the people that keep up with me on a regular basis, and the people who care enough to do something about it when I'm feeling down or need a little help.

Anywhere someone can step in and make a difference, they never know how much of a difference they can make in someone's life. They rarely realize what kind of impact they are going to have. I'm thankful to have these kind of people around me, the ones that do without asking, the kind that are kind and giving, and don't ask for something in return. The kind that don't realize what a difference they're making, but continue to do what they're doing anyway.

I'm thankful for the people in my life.



Kate said...

That's so lovely Ashley, and so true too. I had someone fairly random check up on me this week on Twitter and it made my day... just knowing that someone cared enough to ask how we are doing.

I'm so glad you have people in your life looking out for you... I try to keep an eye out for you too ;) xox

Thanks for linking up!

EssentiallyJess said...

Its good to have those people in our lives isn't it? Glad you have them :)

BTW this is the first time I have been here, and I loooove your background. It's so funky.

Sif Dal said...

People make all the difference and a few caring people is so much more worthwhile than hundreds of friends who never check in!

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

@Jess: Thanks, it's one of the backgrounds I've liked, and I've chosen to stick with it for a while :)

@both of you: Yes, a few amazing people can make all the difference

Kate @ Our Little Sins said...

Gosh, where we'd be without the wonderful people in our lives. Hope it continues!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE YOU ASHLEY! <3 I miss talking to you on a regular basis, but know that I'm always here for you, no matter what! I'm always a text, call, facebook message, tweet, or email away! <3

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