03 November 2011

Things I know- Reemployed

This is a new, different things I know. One that I haven't been able to write since the inception of my blog last summer. This things I know stems from the fact that I now have a job again.....

  • The interview is the most anxiety-ridden part of the job....the job will be stressful because it's the holiday season
  • My background check will be clean.
  • Working retail wasn't my first choice, but I can make it work
  • It'll take away from what I do outside of work
  • It'll be nice to finally have a paycheck again, and hopefully this will be the beginning of steady employment again for me



Ai Sakura said...

yay! congrats on getting the job :) I think having to work outside of home kind of "forces" you to focus better on time and activities spent at home too.. be it with the family, household chores etc.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

nellbe said...

Well done! I hope it brings everything you need for yourself :)

Rhianna said...

congratulations on the job! I think we should all do a stint in retail once in life, so many lessons to be learnt there :)

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

This would be my second stint, the first was 3 years...I also had a stint in fast food, even served time as a supervisor there...I also served a stint as an intern, because unpaid work is fun (actually, it was the best so far). Time for a fun job!! This is ok for now.

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