29 November 2011

Birthday Letters to Ashley

Since it's my 24th birthday today, 29th November 2011, I have decided to write some letters to myself at various points in the past and post them today. I've been working on them for a while, waiting for today. This is mainly just something I did for the fun of it :) writing to different versions of myself. Here goes!

Dear 2 year old Ashley:
You will be getting a baby brother soon. I promise you, he won't get all the attention. I know you're young and you don't understand this yet, but it will all be ok. You don't need to hit him over the head with a baby doll, although I already know that you will. Be kind to him. One day, I promise, he will grow up to be bigger than you.
Dear 4 year old Ashley:
You're doing great in school! Don't worry about not being very athletic, it's not really something that you're cut out for. Work hard at it, but don't push yourself to be perfect. I know that's hard for you to understand, because everything has to be perfect. You won't make 100 rounds on the jumping rope, but that's ok. You won't be able to when you're older either. You'll have other talents. Jumping rope won't be near as cool. Oh, and make sure you keep up those reading skills, you'll need those in about a year and a half....
Dear 6 year old Ashley:
I know you want to fit in at your new school really well. You did great with the reading. You're really smart. Keep up the good work, and stay friends with Valerie. She's really cool. I still think she's cool *thumbs up*
Dear 8 year old Ashley:
You just got a little sister and I'm so happy for you. Make sure you take care of her, but don't hover too much, it'll make her want you around less, I promise. Give her hugs, but don't smother. Also, don't sweat that first B you got- I know it's hard for you to see an 89 because you couldn't get your 7 times table, but trust me, you'll master it soon. It won't be your last B, and it certainly won't be your worst grade ever, there are many worse to come. Just remember that your intelligence doesn't depend on what the letter on the paper says. You're still a smart cookie.
Dear 10 year old Ashley:
Middle school!! Make sure you keep yourself well paced in the hallways- you've probably already gotten your first tardy. Mom will always find out before you get home. You won't have a problem with it though, trust me. Stick with choir. I know you wanted band, but it's ok, you'll still get to march with them someday....just in a different way. You're not a reject because you don't have a boyfriend. Don't take everything your mom (or anyone else) says to heart. I know you start hurting around here---take care of yourself kiddo. Rough times are ahead, but you can handle it. I'm still around to type to you
Dear 13 year old Ashley:
High school! Where has the time gone?? You made it through 8th grade- don't listen to that Algebra teacher, you're not dumb at math, you'll pass Calculus with flying colours. You'll never forget Mr. F's history class- way too unique, right? High school is different. I know you're moving at the end of the year. You don't like it, and you won't like it. It'll create rifts in your life....you'll still be ok. I know things are already rough for you, but you still wear the face that shows you're ok. You've done so well with being ok. I'm proud of you- art, choir, cheerleading, academics, all the extracurriculars....keep it up girl. You'll be a star. Just wait.
Dear 14 year old Ashley:
I know it seems like your world has been shattered. You're in a new town and you never wanted to be here. You have no friends...don't worry, the people in this town won't be very close to you in the long run. Involve yourself in activities- choir, try out for colorguard if you can- I promise you'll love it. Don't worry about National Honor Society- it's a breeze. Ms. C. is a really awesome teacher, and even though Mr. P is an awful World History teacher, you'll never forget his class. Just remember, you don't have to be perfect. still do great. Oh, and don't get too high strung when you find out your class rank, and don't forget to double check it- they made a mistake. 
Dear 17 year old Ashley:
I know you feel behind the learning curve, but that's ok. You're younger than your peers. You're still smart. You'll be going to college at UTA in the fall of next year. You will graduate in your class rank- don't sweat. You'll have some great experiences this year- state academic competition, state choir, the band trip, graduation, you'll finish your first semester of college. You've worked hard to get here, this year, you get to celebrate it. One thing though: it's not below you to go to community college to get some credits out of the way for a cheaper price. 
Dear 20 year old Ashley:
Things have been rough lately, aye? You'll get through them. You've sought all the help you can get, and you're working your hardest. You've put up with and gone through a lot the past couple years, and you've made it this far. Don't let your comfort at Target get you in trouble. Keep plowing along....you're almost there. If you don't mess up, you can finish sooner than you think. 
Dear 22 year old Ashley:
It hasn't been long. You're graduating college in December 2011. Make sure you pay attention to your details this last year of school. You've done well at keeping yourself in line. Few regrets...awesome. I know you just lost your job, but it's not the end of the world. You will survive and graduate. I remember this time....it was rough. Looking back, I can remember how rough it was. You'll face more. You'll still be ok. 

What I hope to hear from myself in the future:
It'll all be ok. You'll get into graduate school, and graduate with honors. You'll find an excellent job, and a place of your own, and even make some friends. You may even start to feel this thing called happy. You'll settle down, and you may even have a family. One day, Ashley, your life will come together, and even the troubles will be much smoother to handle. 

For now, I just have to deal with everything as it comes


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Anonymous said...

That was lovely. I wish you well.

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