29 October 2011

Grateful For Corky

I know you hate when I call you that, if you're reading this.

Corky (Courtney) is my sister. She turned 16 this past Saturday, the 22nd. I'm grateful for my sister this week; I should say, this month, as this is the only "grateful" post of the month.

Rewind to 1995. My mom found out she was pregnant, but she kept the gender secret from both my brother and I. Both of us secretly yearned for a younger sibling of our gender- I a sister, he a brother. I got my wish. As much as I pick at her and tease her, I love her. I wouldn't trade her for anything.
A mother and her daughters- me (left), Courtney (baby), and mom (right)
She was born late in the evening on October 22nd. I was so happy to have a younger sister, even though I had to share a room with her. I was almost 8 years old, and a beaming older sister- I finally had the sister I wanted! I remember playing with dolls in the crib area before the crib was moved in, as it was a big space. I don't think I realized what big change was coming in my life.

Watching her grow has been an adventure. It's a little bit different with such an age gap between us. i got to watch her kindergarten graduation as a high school student, so I remember it. I got to bury her in the sand at Cocoa Beach, Florida, although she doesn't remember that. I remember teaching her how to swing on the old swingset in the backyard when she was younger, and helping teach her how to swim. Helping her with her homework has been a challenge at times, but it's something I enjoy because I get to spend time with her.

I remember when we moved, and finally got our own bedrooms, how empty it felt to finally have my own room, even though it was great to finally have my own space. I remember helping at her school when she was in elementary, during her field days, when her classmates adored me, and I'd get random hugs in the hallways at the school.

I remember sitting next to her in her carseat, either getting yelled at for tickling her, or stroking her hair behind her ears whilst she was sleeping. I remember the nights where she would crawl into my bed and sleep next to me, or my childhood friend, if she was over for the night. I sometimes secretly wished that those days had lasted longer, but they didn't. She kept growing, that's what kids tend to do. I'm in envy, though, that she kept those beautiful, entrancing baby blues. She's the only one in the family who got them.
Corky created this one herself- creative!
She's in high school now, but it's been wonderful watching her grow up- from an older sister's perspective. I got to watch on as she grew, although we never gained the same bond as we may have had we been closer in age. Perhaps when we're older we'll be closer, but for now, I'm still watching her grow. Now it's time to watch her get her license.

She's a clarinet in the marching band, and is quite opposite of the type of person I was in high school. I was very school oriented, always wanting to do more, because it was never enough. I didn't take a whole lot of time having a social life. Corky is a social butterfly, with a growing list of friends, half of whom I can't even name! One of the teachers we both have/had says that the two of us are like night and day, and our brother, who is in between the two of us, is...well, in between.
She rocks that clarinet well!
I admire her outgoing personality, her looks, her ability to stand up for herself, her creativity, and her in general. I love her for who she is. She may not be the most academic person in the world, but she's just who she is, my younger sister, a beautiful, wonderful, quirky, outgoing free spirit who is growing up so quickly. Oh, and she's helping me cheer for the Rangers :) so that's good too.

I am grateful for my younger sister. I'm grateful to have watched her grow through her life, from a baby, to a young child, to a teenager so far. I'm grateful for the time I've gotten to spend with her, and the things I've gotten to see her do and achieve.

It's a little late to say Happy Birthday, but alas, I'm saying it. Happy Birthday, Corky, and I love you. I know we pick on you and tease you a lot- like calling your penguin hat the "angry bird" hat- I won't post the picture- that's because we love you ;) all out of love. Even if you don't acknowledge it, I just wish that someday you'd realize how grateful I am to have you in my life.

I love you, little sis. 

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