02 November 2011

Coming back...with good news! Huzzah!!

I'm starting my blogging comeback with some excellent news. I just got back from a second job interview today- excellent news is that they've hired me, and for the first time in a few weeks shy of two years, I'll finally have paid employment! It's not the most exciting position, and definitely not lying within the realm of my degree, but it'll help me get there in the long run. I'm a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. They have to run a background check and they'll call me back when everything is set for me to go. How is that for a blogging comeback, aye?

Halloween was a mess! Our neighborhood is normally busy- this year abnormally, as we gave candy to more than 800 trick-or-treaters, and then we ran out of candy, while the streets were still swamped. This means there were often lines down the driveway, as I've seen how busy it can get, and I'm sure many of them weren't actually kids.

Usually, we set up a table outside, because there are so many that we don't even have time to shut the door in between trick-or-treaters because there are so many! This time, even after shutting our lights and bringing our table inside, our doorbell was ringing, but we didn't have the candy to hand out....

Yesterday was my parents' anniversary and we had Olive Garden for dinner. It was excellent. As we were driving home, I my mom asked if I had gotten a call about a second interview yet, which I hadn't, and reminded me to call them. Within 10-15 minutes, my phone was ringing, asking if I wanted to come in for a second interview. I was ready! Now I will finally have an income for the first time in ages, and it seems almost unrealistic!

It's a retail holiday position. Seeing as I've worked at a holiday retailer before, I know the demands of the job and whatnot, so I don't think there are too many surprises in store for me there. They say part time, but that if I work extra shifts, which I am often willing to do, I could end up getting enough hours for full time.

In the next few posts there might be some retrospective posts to October, the month of little blogging. I'm still a bit stuffy and whatnot from allergies from time to time, but it's less than it was before, which is good. It's good to be back.



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Lisa H said...

Congrats on the job Ashley! Sometimes we have to be prepared to do whatever comes our way. It may not be the perfect job you wanted but might just be a stepping stone. Enjoy!

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