22 August 2011

So. Much. STUFF.

I'm still packing my room to move everything out to the garage so I can move it back to where it was later this week (after how long now??). Major suckage. And it doesn't look like I've done a darn thing.

Oh sure, I've done a lot of things, and the boxes and bags tell the story (I got sick of putting stuff in boxes...and ran out of boxes). I have a lot of stuff. When you live in a place for 9 years, you acquire a lot of stuff. It just builds up and builds up, and you really don't realize how much stuff you actually have. That is, until you try to put it in boxes.

Now I realize how much stuff I have. When I move it back in here, I know I'll be getting rid of some of the stuff but right now I don't have time to sort through the stuff. I hardly have time to sit and write this, but I needed a break from my stuff to do some stuff away from my stuff....y'know?

It's actually a really good thing I'm not moving, because transporting then sizing down on the stuff would be difficult. Then again, there comes a time in every person's life when they should be on their own...not to say that someone can't live with mommy and daddy forever, but it's probably not a good idea. I mean sure, the rates are great, but...it just doesn't seem healthy. Maybe for a while, and maybe it's better for some people to stay longer, but it needs to happen eventually, and not just because a person gets married. Moving on...

What does one do when they've acquired so much stuff and it's difficult to let go of it (aside from starring on the show Hoarders- it's not that bad yet)? The books, the movies, the papers, the pens, the knick-knacks, jewelry boxes, craft string, puzzle books, CDs, craft paint, nail polish, "other makeup," shoes (which I have quite the abundance of- but my feet haven't grown since I was 11, so they all fit), clothes, pillows, folders, notes, paycheck stubs (aren't you supposed to keep those?), on and on, it adds up!

Now I've got a room full of stuff and I just look at it like....WTF? You want me to move all this out? At first I thought I could do it. Now that I've worked on it for a while and seemingly gotten nowhere, it's like...you're kidding, right? I just want to fall down sobbing and surrender to the stuff because there's just. so. much. STUFF.




Mary F. Sunshine said...

Oh, my... I can sympathize!

On the other hand - once you have the time to do so, it'll be good to go through all your things and get rid of some "stuff". Right? :-)

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Absolutely =)

Judie said...

When you are ready to move the "stuff" back in, show no mercy! Now is the best time to do some serious sorting and tossing. I did that recently, and it felt wonderful!!!

Unknown said...

Sounds stressful.


To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

I can relate to you but all my stuff is ebay stuff. I have bins and bins of crap; ummm inventory; that it is hard to find a spot for it. I need my stuff to sell before I end up on Hoarders. As for your stuff just do a little at a time Like get rid of 2 items a day. It will feel good to know other people are using what you have instead of it being boxed up

Eliza Wynn said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Unknown said...

Oh, I soooo know what you mean! My sister and I just spent 2 whole days cleaning out out room at my parent's house and we both couldn't believe how much stuff we still had there! We cleaned and we cleaned and by the time we were done, the room still looked as if we didn't do anything. The only evidence of our hard work was the lack of random boxes packed away on one corner :)

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

My evidence is coming in the re-unpacking of my room. Where do I put it all?!?!

Jenny said...

Hi Ashley, thanks for linking to Alphabe-Thursday!

Having grown up as a Military Brat, I tend to try and accumulate all the 'stuff' now that I could never keep in my childhood.

And then, of course, I accumulate 'stuff' because someday my kids or my Grandlittles might need it.


Have you ever tried doing a 'fire drill'. Like set a timer for 10 minutes and imagine there is a fire. Grab what you'd save and move it to another part of the room (If you can find an empty space) and when you're done you'll have a pretty good idea of what stuff is superfluous!

Good luck!

And thanks again for linking.


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