26 August 2011

One Size Never Fits All

Have you ever felt pressure to conform to another person's beliefs or habits, in the blogging world, or anywhere else in life? Lately, there's been a lot of WordPress-Blogger disagreement. Those who use WordPress are insisting it's the "better" platform, but there are some diehard Blogger users (sorry, including myself) who won't switch, and it's really gotten me into this funk. I really don't like the disagreement. It's not an "I don't want to switch to WP because I want to be ugly and argue with the other side" attitude. It's an "I really think that every blogger should be able to choose their own platform, because different platforms suit different people, so this argument really shouldn't exist" type of attitude.

 Really, is there anything in this world that is truly "one size fits all"? Electronics are made differently to suit people's different wants and needs- think Apple versus Windows. How many different supermarkets are out there to fit different shopping habits, or different department stores? What about different types of food? Even hats, gloves, and socks that are made in only a small number of sizes fit their population differently. A hat that I wear will fit my sister differently than it will fit my mom. Gloves made to fit a medium sized hand will fit different medium sized hands differently.

The world is made of versatile people with different needs and wants, that's what makes us all unique! When this Blogger-WordPress argument goes down, and each person states their side, I don't even like to be involved, but being on the side under pressure to "switch", it's hard to avoid. The only reason I'm even writing this is because I've really seen enough "Switch to WordPress, I'll even show you how!" blogs, or "Blogger is better, I'll never switch!" blogs. I don't like seeing them, and the reason why is because.... 

Honestly, I think that some people are just better suited for one or the other. Some people are a better fit for WordPress, while others are a better fit for Blogger. Some people will always use Apple products, while others will completely reject the Apple platform. I'm a diehard non-Apple user, although I love Instagram, and wish they would create a non-Apple app for the Droid market. Even if they did make Apple phones for Sprint, which they don't, I still love my Evo. As long as there are multiple platforms, there will be competition, and likely arguments over which platform is better. Why are some people a better fit for Blogger or WordPress? Well, they just are. The setup, the amount of time they've been using one another, the way that the platform works, sometimes it's just easier for someone to navigate one or the other. Having actually used both, I have figured out which is the better fit for me. Inserting objects, alignment, text, setup, design, it's easier for me here. Interface is easier for me here. Some people find it easier there. That means they like it better there, and if that's what is a better fit for them, I think that is what they should use. If this is a better fit for someone, they should use it.

People have different wants and needs, and in pushing them to do something which is uncomfortable, they are totally being ignored. Stop pushing! You can still read the blog, either way, so why does it matter? I would never push a WordPress user to switch to Blogger. I like for people to use what fits. That will vary from person to person. My purpose in writing this is to say...well, one size doesn't fit all. We will never all agree on which platform is better, no matter how many blogs you write on which platform is better. We will never all use Apple or Droid, no matter how much you plug each product. We will never all eat at one restaurant, no matter how many commercials you make. We will never all fit into the same shoe, or the same dress. We're versatile people, and that's what makes the world go round, that's what makes a job market, advertising jobs, that's what makes us different.

Keep doing what you do, but most of all, keep doing what suits you, because that's what makes you who you are. I don't want to try to convince you one way or the other- after all, one size doesn't fit all. If another mold fits you better, then that's where you belong, but if this is the mold that fits you, then you should wear it proudly, without being intimidated by others who wear the other mold more comfortably. There is no "right" or "wrong" platform, and as such, there should be no pressure, from anyone to use one or the other. One size, it may fit some people, but it never fits all.



MultipleMum said...

I remember having this discussion with myself early last year. To be honest, I couldn't be bothered moving from Blogger. I know it. I works (most of the time). That is okay with me. Thanks for Rewinding x

Jane said...

Amen to this. The whole argument is rather tedious. Do what works for you. Full stop! Great to see you Rewinding. J x

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