24 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Recarpeting

As we know, Wordless Wednesday is never completely wordless, but much less wordy.

Follow me through the halls of our house- the hallway to my brother's room

The rest of the hallway, which leads to my room (where the open door is)    
My room from the entrance: with all its current contents. Bed, TV tray, alarm clock, laptop, drink. Wall dressings are ok, because they don't need to climb the walls to install carpet.

My brother's old room...he now lives in an apartment. There's a steam cleaner in there.

The other half of my room from the bathroom door (closet door shown)

View of my room from closet door (entrance to right, bathroom to left)

Not pictured- my window seat. It's the only place where there's stuff, mostly pillows & the inside of my closet- clothes are hanging (oh my!), but it is getting new carpet too. Now we just wait for carpet.



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