12 November 2011

Back in Business

I've got my initial training barrier broken. I've been breezy and calm with the training, and it was brilliant that I already had customer service training in my brain, although it brought on some discontent during some portions of the training. All in all, it was bright and probably necessary information for someone without the prior experience, so I say well done.

The majority was bashed into my head from previous jobs, so that's why it was familiar. Retail jobs are very similar (though not identical) in their programs. I did learn some, and saw a video that made me laugh a bit. There were some disruptions during my computer portion of the training but I still finished around the same time as the other 2 trainees, so that worked out OK.

Now I have a schedule that I am not overly displeased with, although it's a bit broken up and scattered. Busy is good for my brain and bones...or at least it feels that way...so I accept.

I haven't become buddies with anyone there yet, and I'm not sure how close I can become with people...I've always bumped into problems when it came to coworkers. Not that I didn't like them, it's just that there's something about me that binds them away from me! We don't bump heads or argue, we just don't go out for dinner after work. We even work together fine. I'm just a bit of a reject, you could say.

Being employed...it's good to get away from the family house again every once in a while on my own terms. Bonus: I get paid for it! Bad part is I have to work, but that's ok, I can handle that.

The day looks brighter when you have somewhere to go.


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