15 November 2011

Write on Wednesday- The Playground

Haley watches as the young children across the street are playing on the playground. She has her eye on one girl in particular, the one she always dreamt of being. She watches as the blonde girl's head bobs around on the playground, ducking between equipment, running between other children. Haley never was much of a runner, but remembers the energy she always had, the desire to freely roam the playground.

There are marked differences. Haley was always more bookish, and the blonde girl, she was a socialite. She seemed to know all the girls, and too, all the boys. Her cheeks were rosy from activity as she flitted across the playground as a hummingbird in flight from flower to flower; Haley always stuck herself to one area of the playground, usually book in hand. Her friends numbered few, and her energy was contained to a small area where there weren't a lot of kids who would pick on her. Haley's dark hair stood in contrast to the blonde girl's corkscrew curls, and her tan was much darker than the girl's freckly complexion. Even in grade school, Haley always had a twinge of envy for the prettier girls, and never felt she was one of them.

Haley then watched the blonde girl whisper into a brunette girl's ear, one who was reading a book, one very familiar to Haley, and the brunette whispered back. She shook her head in disbelief- were they friends? She watched as the blonde took the brunette's hand, and they ran off across the playground in some game that had been invented since Haley had outgrown the grade school playground. For the rest of recess, the two girls were glued together in harmony, as if they were best friends, and Haley watched as the two enjoyed their time together. She watched as they walked back to class, hand in hand, whispering in each others' ears.

Haley, too, decided to go inside, and make a call to her own grade school best friend; it had been years since she and the blonde girl, Lisa, had spoken. Years since they, too, had walked in from recess together, hand in hand, whispering the secrets that grade schoolers share.

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 24 - This week is  a Choose Your Own Adventure week. Look to your left...In my sidebar you will find a list of the WoW writing exercises. Pick a prompt that takes your fancy and  make it work for you.
Think with Character. Choose a character from your writing posts. You can still do this exercise if you are new to WoW - select a character from another piece of your writing or simply work through the exercise from scratch.   Now, think about the character in regards to their: gender, age, occupation, physical appearance and mood at this moment. Is your character in the city, the country, inside or outside? Do they live in rich or poor surroundings? Alone or with others? Answer all, some or one of these questions. 



Melissa said...

Lovely piece, I enjoyed the contrasts and the parallels between the narrator and her subject. Well done.

Stephanie said...

This is a wonderful piece! I loved the details that were described about the blonde girl and the brunnete. I can sort of relate to this piece. I was always the "nerdy" girl in school and hardly had many friends....except, I am a blonde. LOL.
Great work!

Claire said...

I thought that was really sweet, and the ending was surprisingly happy. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

Rain said...

I was surprised by the ending as well. You described the girls wonderfully, and I agree with Melissa concerning the contrast and likenesses between the blonde girl and the dark-haired one. But if I had been the girl I wouldn't have envied the blonde one even the slightest bit: bookish beats populat any day, and my personal taste puts dark hair before blonde hair. ;)

Great descriptive style!

/ Rain

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