16 September 2010


[Edit]: I'm sorry that something seems to be wrong with the formatting on this blog. I tried about 10 times to fix it and couldn't. 

I've been playing with the dog tonight :) He doesn't realize that I've taken the squeaker out of his toy, and he hears it squeaking, and searches mercilessly for it, but cannot find it. It's quite humorous, because my mom was also squeaking a toy across the house a while ago, and he was running back and forth. He's so playful, and I love it!

Usually, when we play with the toys, he'll play with it as long as we throw it with him, but if we put it down on a piece of furniture, or even on the fireplace (where it's reachable!) he won't touch it. And if you hold it still in the air, he'll stare at it until you move. He's also got some strange quirks like....you know those water containers for dogs that hold like 5 gallons, and they use suction to keep the water in the bowl? Well, he used to be afraid of that thing; when he would drink, it would gurgle back at him, and he'd run and hide in his cage! He also likes to bark at the door when people come in.....only to run and hide at my mom's feet (while still barking). It's kind of funny to walk out there sometimes and open a door just to hear him run away barking. He also will not go out the front door; nobody knows the specific reason why, because we got him when he was a puppy, and we've tried countless times to get him to go on walks, or whatever, but he just won't. Strange dog, but I love him :)

So, in biology we're working on punnet squares, dihybrids, trihybrids, phenotype, and genotype. Not really interesting, but I have a painstakingly boring worksheet I have to do. I also kind of feel like I jumped a little ahead of myself last night on homework- I submitted the group information, sent all their information out, wrote the history points of our topic, wrote the group contract, and a few other things. Looking at my classwork right now......I'm freaking out. I have so much shit to do!! (sorry if you don't like that word, but....I'm overwhelmed. Really.)

I also spent some time today at school working on compiling some of the messages and stuff I got so that I can report it to the police (see previous blog for more information). It's frustrating, though, because when I got home to edit the file, and finish it....I realized that I accidentally saved it to the school computer, instead of my jump drive. CRAP!! So now I have to redo all that- I was doing screenshots with the time and date stamps and email addresses so they could see what I saw, if they needed me to show anything. 

Today was my mom's birthday, so we went to Olive Garden for dinner- I got absolutely stuffed after eating only half my meal. My appetite is decreasing, which is a good thing!! Unfortunately, though, after all the exercise I've put in, my muscles are soooo sore that it hurts to walk around. And it's been like this for 2 days but I keep going anyways.....Oh, and my brother is working tonight; he posted the status that he's working in pet food tonight, so I had to poke fun and say "After Olive Garden you weren't full enough so you decided to devolve and eat dog food now?" I also decided today that the world should operate on a system from 10-7, instead of 8-5. The workday is sooooo overrated. What's the point in getting up before the sun is up? Wait until the sun is up, at least, people!

So that's my day. Rather boring for a blog, but I felt like taking a break from punnet squares, so this has been successful. Auf Weidersehen!

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