17 September 2010


A while back, I had forgotten what was soooo great about Fridays that everyone looked forward to them. To me, it was just another day of the week- I only had school Tuesday/Thursday evenings or Monday/Wednesday evenings, then I worked the rest of the week. For me, sometimes, weekends meant even MORE work, because I was in retail, and since people don't work much on weekends, they all went shopping. Now- I have a full 5 day week (even without a job), and I completely understand....so TGIF!

Trihybrid crosses are evil. Codominance and incomplete dominance are annoying. My professor is also a pain in the ass.

I had something really deep and interesting last night, but I've slept since then, and I cba to write this stuff down. I need to though!!

It's still 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Texas....when is fall gonna get here? Sigh. I'm gonna ask for an Ipod touch for my birthday in November. Obviously, I'm low on material. Maybe I'll come up with something later. Ciao for now

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