14 September 2010


That's what I wish Sam was doing right now. Taking a hint and taking a hike. You know, that guy that was bothering me? After I posted a "I don't want to talk to you" geared message on myspace/facebook, he (within a matter of a few hours) sent me more than 10 messages. Can you say desperate? So I sent him a very elaborate you-contact-me-and-I'll-call-the-cops email. Hoping that does the trick....but who knows. With a skull as thick as his, he might think it's an invitation to harass me more. Not to mention I got another email from another person whom I've asked to leave me alone. Do I have "Write me many emails even after I ask you to get out of my life" written on my forehead? People really need to get a clue.

Anyhow, besides that, I had quite a day today. I started out early to class, leaving around 7.45am. Went to class at 9.30, another class immediately after at 11.00. I then drove to the activities building, and worked out for ~1 hour. I then drove to the health center to see my therapist- yes, I see a therapist and I'm not ashamed- and made my appointment early. Afterward, I walked back to the activities building for another ~1.5 hours working out (not including the walk there or after). Then, I walked approximately a mile to Subway to get dinner.

Of course, being as graceful as I am, and always questioning whether gravity is still working.....I trip the curb and faceplant in the street on the way to class. Luckily, I am still in the shorts I worked out in, since it's soooo damn hot outside. Otherwise, I would have torn a hole in yet another pair of jeans. I'm good at that, apparently. I also ended up hurting my ankle that I sprained a few weeks ago. Honestly, though, I cba to go to a doctor, unless I'm dying. So, unless my foot falls off or becomes impossible to walk on, I'm still gonna work out every day, and pretend like nothing happened. So I have a scrape on my knee. Big deal. That knee is becoming one huge scar, a sign that will tell everyone that I have tested gravity, and it still works!

I walked about a mile to class after that, and this class, she really wants us involved. We have groups that we get in to discuss readings, do activities, write papers, etc. For instance, today, we made a plan on creating a social policy and advocating for it, then we made a chart that shows how an idea becomes a bill becomes a law, then gets implemented at the national, state, and local levels. For those who don't know, I'm NOT a policy person....so this was difficult for me. Luckily, the fact of being in a group saves me from total embarrassment, since they usually know a little something, then I can throw in what I do know. Well, I made it through class without any further damage.

Now, I'm working on homework- organizing the group information for my group paper, sending it out to the group members, writing a letter to the professor with our group information, creating a group contract, and digging up history for a timeline in Mental Health policies (since that is the general direction the group is going), and basically just throwing a lot of stuff together, as well as managing my school email, online assignments, this blog here, facebook, my other school emails, and....eventually a shower then bed. Tomorrow, I get to start my day around 7.45am again. Yay?


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