19 July 2011

The Countdown Begins...again

As promised, even though I'm extremely tired, and my computer is not letting me access internet (so I'm typing it on my phone!), I've got some extremely good news to share!

The social work department and I have teamed up and come up with a decision that has made me happy and they feel confident about their decision. I will, after all this ordeal, still be graduating in August!! Success!!! I cried. I screamed. I think I freaked a few people out. I'm elated. Counting, again, the days to the end of the summer.

Now it's time to do some heavy-duty job hunting, work on my resume, and finish what I've got left. I'm so excited that we were able to work things out!! In less than a month, I will be a college grad. =D



themajessty said...

good luck with job hunting!

Texchanchan said...

Congratulations on working things out with them! Print it out, blow it up, and post it on your (physical) wall!

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