28 August 2011

Day 27- Guilty as Charged

Day 27: Worst Habit

I have a lot of bad habits. I mean, a lot.

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I'd have to say that staying up über late is the worst! To go along with it, I sleep in. I suppose if I live in a different time zone, the hours I keep now would be acceptable- suppose, Australia- these exact hours would be normal. Unfortunately, this is not Australia, and business hours do not run late into the evening to accommodate for night owls. I've tried going to bed earlier, but my mind doesn't sleep until the later hours, no matter what time I put my body in bed.

Another one is losing track of time spent on the internet. I stumble upon one site (however, I do not use StumbleUpon), click links leading me to another site, and the next thing I know, several hours have gone by without me noticing. I do this quite frequently, and I type quite a lot- my right hand is not thankful for this, and often goes numb while I'm typing. When this happens, I switch to my phone for a while. If the Wi-Fi goes out, the phone is my next resort. Bad habit? Methinks.

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Another? Talking excessively...or should I say writing/blogging? When I start, I don't stop. I keep going. I feel I must explain myself. Every word I say. Sometimes I probably lose the reader, but I keep going. Perhaps someone likes my verbose nature (anyone?) or my descriptions. I don't know. I still keep going. I'm like the Energizer bunny (which was actually stolen from Duracell, did you know that?) which brings me to my next point...

Spouting off random facts that nobody really cares about. I do this quite frequently. Often they're unrelated to the topic at hand. I'll also start talking, and be very unable to stop until someone says OK, WE GET IT...then I feel quite embarrassed, and will completely stop talking. Where is the hard wiring everyone else gets that tells them when to shut up? Where is the "OK, this is a pointless fact, and very irrelevant, so keep it to yourself" reminder?

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Keeping to myself. I've always liked to keep to myself. I don't know why. When I was younger I had one closer friend, the rest were through school or whatever, but mostly I hung alone there too. I would read or hang alone by the monkey bar house during recess. They'd make fun of me and I'd cry. Sometimes I'd take a really long time and pick through my lunch to avoid the social part of lunch in middle school. I never knew where to sit. I'd sit alone. If sitting at a table now, and there were no empty tables, I'd find the seat farthest away from anyone else. Why do I do this? Not a good way to make friends. Bad habit. Even kind of did some of this at my internship. I'd sit at the desk doing paperwork when there wasn't a group going on.

Taking things far too literally and getting upset too easily. I do this often. Or not understanding, like jokes. I'm still trying to figure out a picture from earlier today that people were LOLing at. Another joke, too. Am I dense? Naïve? Included in this is obsessing with details...maybe I'm obsessing too much? Not enough? Maybe I'm distracted by the details (like in other situations), and can't see the situation as funny? I don't know. But once someone explains it, I'm like OH....*berate self mentally....* (another bad habit)

Sadly, I can see myself doing this.
I keep my crayons in colour order in the box.
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Again, I have the obsession with details. It throws me off the bigger picture, and while being in tune with details can be a good thing, obsessing over them is not quite so good. I don't get things done, I worry over them way too much, and I stress myself out. Sometimes it keeps me from doing things!!! I'm so hung up over doing them right that I'm afraid of doing them right. If something is too messy and I feel I can't do it right, I'm afraid to even start. I've even rewritten entire essays because one part didn't sound write- seriously!! Even the awards on my wall are measured to where they are evenly spaced- and they don't get moved.

I have created pictures with rulers...and hung stuff on my walls with rulers, no joke. Detail is key...
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This can apply to any of the situations- perhaps it's the cause of many of the other bad habits I have. It's not always an obsession with being perfect (although often, it is, which sometimes holds me back- if it's not going to be perfect, I feel like I can't/shouldn't do it at all), but an obsession with the details, an obsession with all the little things going on. Again, I'm paying attention to every little thing that may be a bad habit- not what I intended. I wanted to pick one or two things, and it turned into a frenzy of a billion things.

Bad habit- obsession, staying up late, details, social isolation (past and present), taking things literally, berating myself, perfectionism, excessive internet, excessive talking, not realizing when I've said too much, irrelevant talking, I'm sure there's more, but that's enough for right now.



Unknown said...

I'm with you on Excessive internet, staying up late & Perfectionism!

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thanks for your visit! That must be very hard to be away from the ocean. Hopefully, there is a beautiful lake nearby - but I know that won't cut it!

Dream on and enjoy my photo!

Jenny said...

New follower via the blog hop.

jenny @ www.sippycupchronicles.com

Sandra said...

Sounds to me like you're a nightowl perfectionist...see, everything is justified when you put a nice label to it! You're welcome.

Erika said...

Wow, we are so much alike! I think we would get along well! :) Thanks for the great read! :)
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