19 August 2011


We're having new carpet put in my room, my brother's old room (he's moved out), and the hallway. For the redecoration, I'm just moving my stuff out of my room for a bit. I've gotta start somewhere, right? So this is about how far I got before I took my first break:

Those are candles. This is the first box. Yes, I want my room to have new carpet, because it's kind of messed up, from the hot water heater incident back in July. Packing my things in boxes is not my idea of fun, though. It's certainly not the dictionary definition. So here I sit, typing a blog.

I really did say that I would start on the weekend- which it totally isn't yet- so I actually did start early. Is this going to seep into my weekend though, and hold me back from really getting this done? Am I going to look back on Monday and wish I had started sooner? I don't even know if I'm packing crap right, I haven't packed stuff in so long...it feels kind of foreign really. The last time I really packed anything was 9 years ago when we moved here.

So I approach this with a lot of ambivalence, but I know that by next week, I'll be somewhere else in this house, probably on a couch, for all my typing and sleeping activity, so that I can get new carpet in my room, which, unfamiliar to me, will be tan/brown instead of blue (no blue carpet!).

Why did I get rid of the blue? Well, the rest of the rooms back here are getting the tan/brown color, and I didn't want my room to be the only one back here with blue carpet. It would kind of feel out of place. I mean, I totally love my blue carpet, but most of the house, aside from my sister's room on the other end of the house, is tan or brown. My brother's room was blue, until they tore it up, and now it's going brown.

Since mine is being torn up now, and I'm a little bit older, and probably moving out soon, I figure the mature decision would be to go with a neutral color, rather than something my parents would have to match a bedroom set with, if they make my room a guest room or something, seeing as I have the larger of the 2 back (would-be empty) bedrooms. Logic won. I love my blue, but I don't know how much longer I'll be in this room. I still have the blue walls, the blue decorations, the blue comforter, so a neutral carpet won't hurt.

I got my blues still, see?

Now I'm just procrastinating. It's a bad habit of mine. I know it needs to get done. Truth be told, I have been working on it a lot more so lately than I had before. Before the guy came to measure, I hadn't been working on it at all. My room had become a lost cause, and I actually believed it. At least now I'm trying. Slowly, but I'm trying nonetheless. I will be ready by Tuesday.




Texchanchan said...

New carpet smells so interesting. It always takes me back to 1972, the first time my parents got new carpet - and it was needed. The old stuff was coming loose and had big folds in it suitable for tripping over.

Best of all is no carpet.

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

My brother's room and the hallway both have no carpet right now, but need *some* sort of covering (currently it's just the foundation). I'd love something like hardwood, but carpet is cheaper. Definitely don't want just foundation in my room.

Unknown said...

Hi!!! I'm stopping by from the Super Stalker Sunday! Thanks so much for linking up with us this weekend! I hope you have had a great weekend and I look forward to stalking with you again next weekend!!

Kortney @ Kortney's Krazy Life

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