19 August 2011

Day 18: Wedding Talk

Day 18: Wedding Talk

Oh holy crap, what do I say?

Honestly, I've never been in a wedding. The thought of it is a bit frightening. I've never even been to a wedding that I consciously remember. I mean, as a child, I may have been to one, but I don't remember it at all....I haven't had my own, and I'm the oldest, and I was working on the day of my aunt & uncle's wedding, and on the day of my cousins' weddings...how guilty does that make me feel?

Seeing as I've had this perpetually single status (heh. Not something intentional, really), I haven't planned a wedding really either. Not even a "dream" wedding, as it's become a far off "yea, I doubt it'll ever happen" kind of thing for me....I'm closing in on 24 and never had a boyfriend (that's right...seriously...unless you count the kid that was pulling a prank and did it on a dare, just so he could prove to the other guys that he would actually do it, just to get his end of the deal, and break up with me ASAP).

So this is the closest I've come- my brother is having his wedding in April, and I am to be a bridesmaid, as well as my sister. We've looked at dresses, but we're really not supposed to discuss them yet (Does Sam read my blog? Does Sam know I have a blog?...Sam is the bride, btw). As far as anything else goes...well, none of that has been done yet. As far as wedding planning has gone, it's not very far along yet. Still early in the game.

And that is the closest I have even come to a wedding. Wedding talk? I'm scared I'm going to fall in the teensy heels she looked at, because I've never been a teensy heels type of person...and I would be the one bridesmaid that falls and lands on her face. Classic Ashley.




Veggie Mama said...

I had boys be mean to me like that too. But you'll rock a pair of heels, because I know you can do it! don't be scared, weddings are super fun.

so excited I can actually comment on your blog now, stupid blogger!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I never thought about my wedding when I was 24 either. I got married when I was 37!
Mom on Caffeine

Unknown said...

I was always the girl in love with love so I always thought about my wedding growing up. You will rock those heels though I have faith you will :)

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Congrats! The only advise I have for you is do what the brides says, and wear what she wants you to. It's her day. If you look like a frumpy girl...well you look like a frumpy girl! LOL Enjoy your bridesmaid experience! :)

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

I think the wedding will be fun. provided you are not in tiny heels. :-)

I am a new follower from the Monday Mingle Hop. Would love a follow back at http://messforless.blogspot.com


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