26 April 2011


Someone from Farmville (yes, there is a city named that), North Carolina is my 1,000th viewer....if you know who you are...congratulations! (and yay! 1,000! Yes, I posted a whole blog for this occasion!)

Econ exam sucked. I asked when I can find out how badly I failed....he said tomorrow. So I'll know by then.

That's all I've got for now! ;)

Ok, I lied, I want to talk more. So I made my first attempt at French braiding (with my own hair) after I got home tonight. This was the outcome:

Not bad for my first attempt, right? (and I only spent a few minutes on it, too)

So I guess I'll be trying that more often. Oh, and I realized it's really difficult to take a photograph of the back of your head. Especially when your camera is kind of broken and the shutters keep wanting to stay shut. It actually took me longer to get a picture than it did to get my hair that way. I have to laugh at that. :P

Okay, now I'm out of content, although I'll probably come up with more to say in a few minutes. Oh, and my 1,000th viewer, I've discovered, is my newest follower, Shar! You can hop on over to her site here and show her some blog love too :)



Anonymous said...

I am HOPELESS at French braids. My poor daughter will tell you about the torture I have inflicted on her trying to do them. yours look absolutely gorgeous. x And I'm sure you did fine in your exam.

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

I'm surprised! It was my first attempt XD and worse, I did it on myself. I have nobody to inflict that torture on haha

And I'm hopeless in econ. I just need a C to transfer, so I'm aiming for at least a C!

Shar said...

Thanks for the shout out Ashley! I suck at frech braids! So bad, that I've just given up on them! :( I think you did an excellent job in them!:)

XO Shar

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Thanks *blush* it was my first effort, I was surprised it turned out that well!!

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