26 April 2011

Too much of a good thing

Too much of a good thing is...not often a good thing. In fact, it's usually a bad thing.

So I sit here, eating this "Skinny Cow" candy bar (it was 39 cents!!) thinking hmm. Only 110 calories, nice! Then I remember I've already had a few. Total 440 calories...not so nice!! That's the thing about these low calorie foods that you can buy now- often they put so little into it that you have to eat more than one, thereby defeating the purpose.

Another example, although I've never had this problem myself, is too much money. Rich people have a lot of crap to deal with...you know, like people making a media spectacle of them, asking for money, and the extra that isn't really "necessary" really has no use.

Too much water can kill you. Yes. It's true. It's rare, but it's true, mostly if you are drinking large quantities in a short period of time, or have some sort of illicit substance in your system. Too much of any vitamin can kill you. Too much exercise....well, I do believe that can kill you. Good things, when taken in excess, can kill you. It's sort of a paradoxical type of thing, but it's a really important thing to look at, nevertheless. I can't actually think of anything that is good to have in excess. Too much food is bad for you, too much sleep is bad for you (it's called hypersomnia), on and on. Even too much positive thinking....it's called narcissism! That's one I'd like to get rid of. Alas, it's hard to tell when something becomes too much, rather than too much, or not enough.

One thing I've thought of....is too much knowledge a bad thing? I guess it could be, but I'm finding it difficult to justify that position. Perhaps that's one area where I'm safe, because I'm always wanting to learn more. Just as long as I don't eat too many candy bars and drink too much soda. Knowledge is power! Wait, no, power in excess is bad. But knowledge is good. Is there a balance?

Back to studying. Happy eating!


Texchanchan said...

Hidy. Are you calling yourself a narcissist? You're not calling yourself a narcissist, are you? Hope not!

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Hahaha no. Heavens no. If anything, I'm the opposite! What I mean is, thinking too much of oneself. Like some people think they're all that and a bag of chips. I don't think that about msyelf. Nooo way

Shar said...

Hi Ashley! :) Of course you can! Thanks for asking and thanks so much for taking the time to check out my "About Me" page. XO! :) <-- I posted that on the same page that you left the comment, but I decided to post it here also so you'd get the "memo". :-P

"Too much of a good thing is...not often a good thing. In fact, it's usually a bad thing." Wow, we must've been thinking the same thing today! I was thinking of that exact sentence this morning (for personal reasons)... I've heard that too much water can kill you also! The first time I heard about it was a couple of years ago, that was some shocking information! I was like "WOW!"

Nice blog dear!

XO Shar!

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

myself!*** typo! Panic! Alarm! Shock! Horror!

Thanks Shar ;)

I mentioned the water thing because I was reading some sad story that I got from a link from another link (I tend to do that a lot) about a girl who actually died at a rave by drinking too much water (there were other factors involved, but it was the copious consumption in such a short time that did it), and it was really frustrating. I linked to more articles about people dying from copious consumption of water in a short time period, and felt like I should mention it as I was consuming copious amounts of chocolate (lol). Thanks for the comment :)

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