08 August 2011

Day 7: Corky

30 Days About Me

I know she hates when I call her that. I should say, I know you hate when you call me that, because I know you'll read this. She'll read this, but she never comments or follows...that's the way my family rolls. I know they read my blog. I have no problem with that.

Warning- This could get mushy. In fact, now that I've written it, it does. Mushy level high. It's still good.

Day 7: Today, I'm showing a picture that makes me happy. This one is kind of from the vault, because we really don't have any recent, decent ones. The picture:

Why this picture? This is myself (red & khaki) and my younger sister (in my lap). Our age difference is 8 years & we don't really spend a whole lot of time together. We're very different in a lot of ways- I was the academic, she's the social butterfly; I was down on myself, she shows a lot of confidence; I was a bit large, she's rail thin; I could go on for ages.

This picture was taken most likely in 2008, when I had a job (because of the clothing), and I know I was at least 40 pounds lighter (because I no longer fit those clothes). She was in my room with me, which is something that very rarely happens, and I was playing with the timer on my camera. I said "Hey, Courtney, let's take a picture with the timer!" She wasn't so excited about it, but we went forth with it, setting the camera on the desk, and running back and forth, making sure by the picture screen that the lens was pointed at the chair, setting the timer, pushing the button, then running to jump into the chair before the camera flashed. I deleted the bad ones (lol), so this was one of the better ones that day.

It really makes me smile because my sister is one of my favorite people. I admire her a lot, although I don't know how much she knows it. I may pick on her by calling her Corky, but it's out of love, and darn I love her to bits and pieces. Seeing a picture like this, with her smiling in my lap, it brings tears to my eyes. I love this kid. She's growing up so fast, though...she's got her permit to start driving, she'll be graduating high school in a couple years, she's almost my height now...

She's independent, friendly, beautiful, strong, and she has a big heart. I admire her confidence and her beauty, I really do. She doesn't get her looks from me! In fact:

Much more recent pics of us
This was the closest I could get to putting us next to each other in a picture, and we really don't look alike (sorry Courtney, I didn't have a better picture that actually showed your face, just your hair). It doesn't happen anymore. We're older- I've got school, homework, internet and had a job, she's got high school and marching band and friends, we just don't hang out all that much. To be honest, I'd love to be closer to her than pictures on the internet and the occasional text message or "like" on facebook, but it doesn't happen. Plus, soon (hopefully, if I get a job and whatnot) I'll be moving out...then we'll never see each other. Building a relationship is difficult if you're never there, aye?

The picture makes me smile, makes me happy, because it reminds me of the way things used to be- before we moved here, we even shared a room- talk about nostalgia! I don't have pictures of that, it was before I had a camera of my own. It makes me smile because it reminds me of times when I didn't have to position our pictures next to each other to hang together for a while. The age difference makes it hard. The difference in tastes makes it hard. We're polar opposites, but I still love her.

At least I have the memories, and that's what makes me smile. It doesn't take a whole lot when looking at the pictures. I'm glad that I have the memories, because it's better than nothing at all. I can smile and remember her jumping in my lap trying to beat the flash, I can remember her holding my hand to cross the street, I can remember the day I taught her to swing, oh the many things she learnt from me. Those things will never change. That picture is a picture captured of two sisters who have loved and laughed together, despite their differences, and who lead two completely different lives. Getting all mushy, I know.

I can remember wanting a sister. Betting with my brother whether she would be a boy or a girl. Guess who won. I hated sharing a room. I think she's really the ultimate daddy's girl, but that's ok. When we get older, we'll be able to look back on the pictures and smile, just the same, and I'll remember every moment. I love you, Corky.



Emily Stephens said...

That's really sweet! I love that you wrote about your post, mine is nearly "wordless"!


Rosa said...

Hi! Stopping by from the 30 Days About Me. I'm now following your blog.

I love the story behind your picture and I can relate. I feel the same way about my sister. She and I are 9 years apart. :)

Best wishes,

Aide said...

Love it, really sweet and deep. There is nothing like the love that sisters share!

Aide @ intraining wheels

Becca said...

What a sweet post. You are lucky to have a sister that you adore so much! :)

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