08 August 2011

A sincere note

I sincerely hope my newest follows are reading this- it's going to explain some of why I'm not following yet/responding to much, but will later...and older readers, I've included some information you just might be interested in. Or it may be repetitive.

First, I have to apologise to those I haven't been responding to- give me until this weekend, and I promise, there will be response. I'm finishing my last class, psychology. I have a case study to write, which I'm extremely nervous about, and our final exam is also this week. Basically, this week is worth 1/2 of our whole 5-week grade. What I've done so far stacks up as pictured below:

I guess that's not so bad. Of course, it neglects to include the final (100 pts) and the case study (100 pts), and the last quiz...but they drop one quiz. Am I that concerned over the 23/25? Maybe. Yea, ok, I'm still taking quiz 5. So far, I have a pretty good grade, but there are still 200 points yet to be determined. Even if I get a perfect grade on my paper, I'm not in the clear, because there's still 25% of my grade to be determined by the final exam. Even if I do perfect on the multiple choice, that's only a 75% on the final, I'll be lacking 25 points...OK, now I'm being way too overanalytical.

And until the final exam is over, I want to mostly focus on that and the case study, and blogging is kind of my "break" from schoolwork. Anyone who follows me this week (including this past weekend)- I'm not ignoring you, I promise, I'm just finishing everything so I can get my degree. Seriously- if I do well this week, I'll have my bachelor's degree. In a way, that makes me want to panic. Actually, in many ways. If you go back a few blogs, I wrote about it (here), which, funny enough, leads you to a gamut of other blogs where I wrote about how excited I had been. Now that I can count on one hand how long I have left, I'm really panicking. O.o So just give me some time, Thursday is my final. After Thursday, I'll take Friday to relax and decompress, then I'll be back, hopefully. I'll be putting in job apps, of course, but I'll also have spare time (WTF?!?! really?)

Otherwise, I'll be keeping up with the 30 days posts (next one coming right after I finish this), and just trying to keep up with everything. No major structural changes this week, nothing special, nothing profound unless something extremely pertinent hits me, and I might not follow you until I'm done with school, so don't think it's because I don't like you. Seriously.

All my love,


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