26 December 2011

Wrapping Up Christmas

The stockings were hung, the presents wrapped and tagged, and everything set up for Christmas; things went smoothly as all the work was very rapidly undone whilst we unwrapped all the gifts we exchanged. This Christmas was a nice one. We spent a lot of family time together, and overall I cashed out well too (that may be a little greedy, I admit). I also did the lovely after-Christmas opening shift at work and saw all the lovely wonderful shoppers at work today, doing the post-Christmas shopping with all the sales. [Insert joyous expression here].

Some of the things I got, to be materialistic, included a silver & black Music Bullet (ironically, my boyfriend received an identical Music Bullet), which is a music speaker you can plug into your mP3/iPod/whatever to play your music, some awesome jeans, a rockin cell phone cover, some sweaters and shirts, some camisoles, a very nice bluetooth headset for my phone, fuzzy socks, sock monkey slipper socks, sock monkey pajamas (have I mentioned that I have a slight fixation on the sock monkey??), one of those aluminum wallets, and some money from various family members, including an iTunes gift card. Made out like a bandit! I also got everything scented Love Spell by Victoria's Secret, a scent I've been dying to have since high school. Yay!

We spent the day at my grandparents' house, had a meal, sat around and basically just spent the time talking and whatnot. There were no planned activities of any sort, no stories or anything themed. It was all just sort of improv, as it usually is. We then ate, opened gifts, and parted our separate ways- us to the south of Fort Worth, most of the rest of the family to the Dallas or Denton area, and my grandparents of course staying at their house not too far from Denton.

Work today...well, it was work. We cleared out a lot of Christmas items and were very busy most of the day- it was difficult for me to leave at my scheduled time. I ended up teaching myself how to do returns, since so many of them came through the line, and there was just a lot of business today. Overall, it was a bit stressful but I dealt with it and now I'm home, and I get to spend tomorrow relaxing because I'm off! I also had the two days before Christmas off, as well as Christmas day, so I'm not used to having this much time off. I've been using it to rest up and some of it to study for my social work exam- 17th January is the day!!

And that is my wrap-up for Christmas.

Mele Kalikimaka!!


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