31 December 2011

2011 in Retrospect

As we embark upon a new year, it's kind of nice sometimes to think about some of the things that have happened during the previous year (although other things are rather unpleasant to think about *ahem*), as memories are made and life passes by. This year has kind of been a big one for me and I'm just going to kind of look back at some of the things that have happened this year.

In January, I started my internship at the youth rehab in Ft. Worth, and I absolutely loved it the whole time I was there, although it came to a rather unpleasant ending. I was nervous at first, but I kind of had a knack for what I was doing and was able to adapt quickly. Most of the beginning of the year was spent on the internship, including Spring Break, which is in March. We got some ice in February which made one week difficult, but otherwise, everything went smoothly for the first semester, although I ended up getting a lower grade than I anticipated.

The summer brought some unpleasant times. I lost my internship due to some events that were my fault, could have been prevented, but I learnt from them, and there were others who had a hand in what happened too. Overall, it ruined my summer "vacation" (come on, I was going to school every day) and darkened my mood for a while...I'm still a bit unhappy about it because I wonder what job leads I may have had had this not happened...of course, now I have none.

The same day I found out about my error, we had left town for a week, which was the most eventful part of my summer, and we got a call that day that our hot water heater had burst and flooded half the house. That was a pretty big thing this year too, since I've still got stuff that hasn't been unpacked from packing up and moving my stuff to the garage to recarpet my room from the damage. That week must have been a rain on Ashley's parade week, because it was just one thing after another!

Another big thing that came soon after was completion of my degree in August, which I finally received in October, and I walked the stage a couple weeks ago. This was a culmination of six years of hard work and determination, as well as a tiny bit of luck. Everything came together at the last minute when I was scared it wouldn't, and I proved that everyone who had faith in me was indeed correct. I proved myself wrong, as I never had faith that I would get the degree. I aced my last two classes and finally walked the stage at the end of the year.

Another event was getting a job in November, ending a nearly 2-year-long unemployment period (during which I wasn't actually considered unemployed because I never received unemployment). I'm still there, working myself to the bone to keep this job because I need it badly. It's been rough, but it's something that has been significantly helpful for me.

2011 had some rough going, but it had some good times to keep it real and worth the ride. Here's to hoping that 2012 will be better, and celebrating the things that I've accomplished this year. Here's to the future...Cheers!



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