18 January 2012

Just an Update

I realize my posts have been stagnant for a while, not giving people much of a reason to follow or read, and that I've been very disappointing as a blogger ever since I got a job back in November.

Here are a few updates. I had a birthday (November 29), I graduated from college (well, walked the stage anyway, December 16, I got my degree in August), I celebrated Christmas with the family, I celebrated New Years at home, and the newest of news that I haven't broken to the blogging world yet, I finally obtained my social work license (yesterday, 17 January) so I am now a licensed professional! This is a huge thing for me, as now I can extend my job search to include ones that require a license and I can include licensure in my resume. Awesome!

I'd really like to do something with my blog to make it more interactive, but I'm not sure what yet. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful, as I find myself having a hard time sitting down and actually writing a blog since I've been working full time. I know other people can do it, and I had time to sit and write this down, but it's just really difficult for me to find content for my blog right now and get it into the computer before I have something else to do. Blog fodder jumps into and out of my head before I have a chance to jot it down, and my blog is lacking and in need of some assistance. Very desperate need!!

Justfifiable need

Just sayin'



Lisa H said...

Ashley, it's difficult to juggle blogging and work, on top of the bustle of Christmas. You will probably find that you fit more in when you've settled into your job a bit more too.

Congrats on your license, that's a huge milestone! x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your licence!
things alissa knows @ look.find.inspire

busana muslim said...

woww great post good luck

MultipleMum said...

How exciting Ashley!?! Congrats on your license. I hope you flind your blogging mojo again soon x

Unknown said...

First off; Congratulations! You are done with college and have your license! :) I'm very happy for you. Second; well in my case i don't sleep much so I always have lots of time (I sleep 2-3 hours on average a night). How about trying to learn one new thing every day and writing a blog on it?

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