23 December 2011

Monotonous Life

As some of you may noticed, my blogs have become more scarce.

There are some explanations for this. As much as I love to blog, work has become a major part of my life, and by the time I come home from my dept store job at the end of the day, I am exhausted to the point where everything seems like a monumental task.

I blogged right after my birthday. I blogged right after my graduation. I felt those were events that I should blog about. Otherwise, my life has been pretty much uneventful. I wake up early most mornings and go to work, work with customers all day, some of whom are pleasant, and others who make up for it with being very unpleasant, come home and try to rest and possibly have dinner, if I come home early enough. Some nights I work until the wee hours of the morning, meaning I just come home and crash into bed, and usually they schedule me for an early shift immediately after.

Very uneventful, right? The monotony of my life has led me to believe that my life is much too boring to blog about, and even blog memes leave me with nothing to write about. I find myself pulling stuff from my bottom trying to find stuff to write about. For now, I'll just be writing what I can when I can as I try to make it through this part of my life, until I get my licensing exam over with, get a more steady schedule that I can rely on, or get used to the variable schedule that I have now, and just overall feel more steady and secure.

Sometimes a good feeling might strike me and I might blog more, so don't think I'll just stop blogging altogether. In fact, I plan on blogging once a week at least, just not every day as it was when I had more free time. I hope that's understandable given the situation. Monotonous life has left me with little to work with, but I'll work with what I have. Don't give up on me!!


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