23 December 2011

Things I Know- the Holiday Edition

This time, I've decided to write about the things I know this holiday season:

  • People very easily get too caught up in holiday duties such as presents and shopping and forget to be nice to people and have fun with the season
  • The prices on things are already discounted about as much as they are going to be, and asking for coupons doesn't mean you'll get them
  • Driving through town at the last minute really isn't a good idea because that's what a lot of people are doing
  • Having the last two days before Christmas off work is really a blessing
  • Almost anything can be wrapped, unless you're me. Then most things should be put in a bag, unless they're square/rectangle- in this case, they can be wrapped
  • Red really doesn't look good on me...... 
  • Santa still brings really good gifts ;)


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