17 December 2011

The Post-Graduation Post

I don't have any of the pictures yet, as they were all taken by various other people. I do have a description of the day though.

We started out early, and hit the road around 10:15 hoping to be there around 11:30 to drop me off, and pick up my paycheck from JCPenney on the way. We did make it.

My family, on the way, decided it would be hilarious to pull a prank on me and I ended up in tears over it because I was so worried about everything going smoothly! They asked me about 3/4 of the way there "You did get the tickets, right?" Oh snap! I didn't grab them, I figured someone else would! You know, like someone else who needed them? Agh! I started crying and my mom decided this was a picture worthy moment and yes, took pictures of me crying. smh.

Once we got there, I was immediately corralled off with the graduates, and I had no idea where my family went, especially since I wasn't allowed to have my phone or any other personal stuff with me. I didn't know where they were sitting and because they were seated on the balcony, they didn't know where I was either. The other graduates and I were stuffed into a small part of the building with bleachers where we sat for an hour waiting for everyone to check in and the ceremony to begin.

The ceremony was a bit long, as we were combined with one other school, but it wasn't too bad. There were a lot of graduates to go through though. After graduation, I followed the grads out the door, but the thing was, it was so crowded I couldn't find my family! Seeing as I had no clue where they sat, and they had no clue where I sat, we were on opposite sides of the auditorium looking for each other. It took forever!!!

Afterward we went back to the town we live in to eat and spend time with the family members that remained behind (a few had to go home), and celebrate. We went to Olive Garden- we had some good food, I got cards and money from everyone, a cap shaped necklace and a keychain saying UTA Alumni and an alumni sticker from my family, and roses with wrap in blue and orange, the school colors. We took several more pictures with those who didn't get pictures before.

Afterward, we came home, and I was so tired I went to sleep even though it was pretty early. After all, I've been working full time workweeks even with a couple days off, and then graduation on top of it....I was just tired. It was a good day though, one that I'd been waiting for for a long time. Congrats, seniors and graduates of December 2011!!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I'm a social worker from Australia. You'll be great. Best of luck

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Awesome!! Thanks :)

Lisa H said...

Congratulations on your acheivement Ashley! It sounds like you had a long, but lovely day. And presents! Yay! :-)

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