31 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Dry, Dry Texas

Another not-so-wordless Wednesday, but there are fewer words. More pics.

I know I've been talking a lot this summer about heat & the lack of rain- our water is at an all time low. I'll let the pictures do some talking.

The trees may look green....

But look at the color of the grass

You can see the level where the lake used to be, and where it is now, from the lack of water
More evidence of low lake levels (fountain to the side, couldn't be avoided)

It's like that all the way around; this is not quite a small lake

A picture of the fountain from the pier- just for kicks and giggles
Texas needs some water. Of course, at this time, it will take a lot to build up reservoirs and whatnot, and the amount would probably cause flash flooding. Right now we're having fires. The cool off would be nice too, we'll be in the 90s next week hopefully. Let's hope some hurricanes fling rain our way. I quoted on Twitter, from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram online, "It's pretty bad when people are praying for a hurricane." (See the article here).

Off for a surprise visit to the dentist. Huzzah!! (or...yikes...actually...)


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