11 September 2011

I really don't know the meaning of life

Day 6: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I've written 2 blogs on the zodiac before, and, hilariously enough, a great number of people have stumbled upon my blog looking for "life meaning" and "what does my zodiac sign mean"

So, to play along, here's another blog about my zodiac sign. Plus, I love throwing Google off. SEO is great when it throws things off a bit. Of course, I don't think it's funny when I'm seriously looking for something and stumble upon a blog that has nothing to do with what I"m looking for, but nevertheless...I'm gonna do it. Just for shits and giggles.

Sun Sign: Sagittarius.

Similarities: There are few things I have in common with a Sagittarius-one is the longing to be free from this environment because I feel stuffed up and confined. That is, I don't like living in this place. I want my own place. They typically have a thirst for knowledge and are very intellectual. Like other Sagittarians, I'd also like to travel- my destination would be Australia. Sagittarians are typically free-spirited (I'm not) and like to roam (I'll admit I do that, on occasion). Honestly, I'd like to find a place to stay, but I'd like it to not be in the confines of my parents' house. They say no rules but really? If I'm not home by 10 my phone is blowing up with texts and phone calls wanting to know where I'm at. Reality check. There is one more- Saggys are open and tolerant in their views- that I am, very much so. It's not my place to judge you, so I won't. People will have different opinions, and I respect that, and I won't try to change or hate on you for it.

Differences: Well, for one thing, Sagittarius is a mutable sign- that is, they are open to change. By God, you try to change anything on me and I will lose it (emotional- see below, where I relate my moon sign). I don't deal with change well at all. Sagittarians are generally outgoing and extroverted- I am one of the most introverted people you might meet- I can put on an introverted front for work, which is why I can be a social worker, but as far as being extroverted, I am FAR from it. My Myers-Briggs typology puts me on the extreme end of introverted. Apparently, they also don't care much for details, but I'm all about detail, baby, all about detail. 

Moon Sign: Pisces (insert SEO identifier that will bring people in flocks to this specific entry)

Similarities: I kind of think I have more in common with my moon sign, ping SEO, the Pisces. Generally, the moon sign is more related to emotion, and by goodness am I an emotional person; not to mention that Pisces is generally more of an emotional sign. My emotions have emotions! Yes, I am very emotional, so emotional that...well, it's difficult to control all this emotion. They, too, dislike discipline and confinement (so perhaps I just get it from both ends of the deal, eh?). They're not 8-5 people (because really, those times suck, unless you're some sadistic creature that likes waking up before the sun comes up...). They're creative, and they reach out to help other people (social work? Ring a bell?). Not always a good thing, but they always worry that they're going to fail (I can't help it, but I do worry about that) and, like the Pisces, I don't have the motivation to actually rebel, despite my dislikes.

Differences: Not many. I don't live in a dream world- I've been slapped by reality a few too many times. I'm not as artistic as I used to be, although I could probably pick it back up if I took the opportunity. I would give a lot in relationships, which I didn't add in my similarities simply because I don't have relationships. I did find that in friendships, though, I was often giving more than receiving, and this chased people off. Annnnd that ends my differences section.


I add this simply because a lot of people don't know a lot about their Chinese zodiac or what it means. The Chinese actually have 2 parts to the zodiac, not just the animal. There is a second part, which is an element, which many people don't know about.

My Chinese zodiac is the Fire Rabbit. Ironically enough, this is almost identical to my Western zodiac- Sagittarius is a fire sign, and the Rabbit is the Chinese equivalent to the Pisces as far as characteristics go. The first time I looked this up, I was taken aback because- how could this have worked out this way? How could I happen to have exactly the same signs/meanings in both the Chinese and Western zodiac, when they are measured in different ways? The Western zodiac is measured by the time, date, and location of your birth in relationship to the location of the planets, while the Chinese is assigned first by month to determine the element, then by year to determine the animal. There are also deeper determinations- by day and hour of day, which are the inner and "secret" self. Not knowing much about the Chinese zodiac myself, and having only just read tidbits here and there, I will leave it at this, just knowing that it's interesting that my "element" and my animal happen to fall in line with the Western zodiac. There's my day 6!

Now I can have more people come through SEO trying to find the meaning of life and happen to fall into my blog...sorry guys. I don't know the meaning of life.


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