17 September 2011

Signs that the Internet is Taking Over Your Life

This list is a non-exhaustive list, which will be added to and reposted from time to time for the enjoyment of internet addicts and non-addicts alike, of signs that the internet may (or may not) be taking over your (or someone else's) life. Any statements made in this blog have not been medically or psychologically evaluated and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease (or possible addictions).

  • You check your email the instant you wake up, especially if you have it on your phone- in that case, it's on your nightstand, and you don't even get out of bed to check your email.
  • You have more tabs open in Firefox/Safari/Chrome/Opera/whatever browser you can count, because they're all too tiny to count. Sometimes you have more than one window to accommodate all the tabs...(guilty- current count 40 tabs)
  • If you have internet on your phone, which you most likely do, you complain because you can't open enough windows at a time to contain all of your business that you need to complete; therefore, you download multiple apps to help with your dilemma.
  • You get frustrated when the internet is down, and you keep reloading your pages waiting for the internet to come back up...you need your internet. 
  • You have arguments with your friends over which browser is better and the most efficient...and over Apple vs. other brands. (Totally not Apple, here. See picture of Droid eating Apple)

  • You spend more time with your internet friends than you do with your real friends...conversely, if you spend time with your real friends, you do it online. 
  • You are nodding along with this list (and possibly adding to it as I go along)
  • You have more than one wireless capable device, and if your wireless goes out, you also have a 3G/4G capable device.
  • You start avoiding and neglecting outside activities because you're online "doing one more thing" before you go to your outside activities
  • You start forgetting that there is such a thing as an "outside activity"
  • You start speaking in online terms and calling people by their online names (I once called a friend by their online name over the phone...)
  • You forget to eat (just look at the Android. Eat Apples...)
  • Your friends start coming to you for computer advice....then they stop coming to you for computer advice because you're too busy with the internet stuff
  • You cry at the thought when your family threatens to take away your internet (oh dear) then try to plot ways of obtaining interwebz outside the home...even if you have to stay out all hours of the night. 
  • You can compile lists like this and be completely unashamed.
Feel free to add anything you want in the comments below! 



Texchanchan said...

My house is wired for Ethernet (smug look). It was one of the first things I did when I moved in. (Somebody else actually climbed in the attic and ran the wires into the walls.)

Of course, I use wireless now. But just in case. Wire is faster and more reliable anyway.

Lisa H said...

Phew! I'm safe... at least for now. An entertaining read though :-)

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