09 October 2011

Housekeeping 1: Ten Things

My blog has been much neglected as of late, so there is a little housekeeping to do. This is not one of my favorite things to do (you know, the posts you get tagged in), so here goes. This should have been done a couple weeks ago, but due to lethargy, feeling not so well, and a general lack of upkeep, I'm just now getting around to it.

Thanks to the passing of the torch by the lovely Lolly's post on Oh My, Lolly! from here, as well as being pinged by Bron over here, I have to get to overshare some things with you that you really didn't want to know, and I'm oh so very excited about it kill me now so here are 10 things.

  1. Anything that you say that I even slightly disagree with, I will dig as much as I can to find a counter-argument, no matter how much I like you. If I dislike you, I will intensify my search. 
  2. I love to douse things in Ranch dressing. I guess it's a Texas thing, and I didn't pick it up til I moved to Dallas-Fort Worth, but fried chicken, pizza, salad, bacon cheddar fries, everything is better with Ranch. 
  3. I will try to outdo you on anything. If you read two books a day, I will read three. If you run 5 miles a day, I might be panting and dying, in need of hospitalization, but I'll be damned if I let you run farther, I'll run 5.25.  I swear, I will outdo you. Do not try to compete with me. That is, unless you're talking about waking up in the morning. Then you can wake up as early as you want, because I'll be damned if I'm waking up any earlier than I please unless it's some sort of emergency (or, like, a job or something).
  4. If you do something wrong, I will make sure people find out. I have morals and values, and I don't like being disrespected. If you disrespect me enough to think that I will go against my morals and values to let you get away with something, you thought wrong honey. Everyone will know. I'm a bit of an honest person.
  5.  I kind of want to be single. At first it was a state of people not really wanting to be around me, and I questioned it. Then it was a state of really not questioning it, even though I kind of would have liked to have someone around me. Then it became a thing of not wanting to be with someone, thanks to a few people who kind of ruined it for me. 
  6. I tend to correct things. If there's a spelling error, I'll point to it. If there's a syntax error, I'll oust it. If you do something at the wrong time, or in the wrong way, I'll generally say something, unless it's kind of funny, then I'll let you continue to do the wrong thing. Same applies if you tell me you don't like to be corrected. I'll stand back and....well, not correct you. You asked me to not do so. It's your fault, not mine. 
  7. I don't talk to machines. If you see that I called you, I probably didn't leave you a message. I also don't respond to awkward messages, or "k". If I don't respond, it was probably an awkward message. If I don't get a response from you, I assume we have finished the conversation. Unless I have some sort of mission in my conversation, they tend to be slightly awkward. I can do conversations for a work purpose (like ones for my internship were not all that hard), but when it comes to impromptu, I'm very socially awkward, but I try. I want that appreciated, too.
  8. I'm a little attached to my electronics. Try to take them away and you might be attacked. Perhaps literally. I'm not sure, nobody has tried, and I hope they don't ever try, because I don't want to see what my reaction would be.
  9. I am an organized mess. I am obsessive-compulsive, and even though my room looks like a complete mess, which it does, the majority of the time, I know where to find the most important things. I have my own system and if you mess with my system it makes me very unhappy. Things must be the same for me or I am very unhappy about it. Don't move my bed or my nightstand or anything else. I'm still adjusting to the change in arrangement I made in my room back in August. 
  10. I hate making lists and being tagged in lists, and I will put off actually following through with the tasks involved in the lists. Furthermore, I will often decline tagging other people in the list because I know of the arduous tasks involved in making these lists, and often the people I want to tag are already tagged anyway (as in this case). Thereby, I have nobody left to tag, but feel free to participate if you have not seen this list and wish to participate. 
The next blog, which I hope to pick up tomorrow (or sometime soon) will be picking up two more versatile blogger awards (I've got 4 total versatile blogger awards, and no others....odd?) and passing on the torch (again) to more bloggers (good grief). I hope I feel up to it. This one has taken me several weeks (no, really) to finally feel up to finishing. It's the only one I've posted this month. I'm feeling proud of myself...not really. Just tired. G'nite world


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