24 October 2011

October: an update

I know I've been gone a while, so I thought I should give a brief update:

Things were quiet around the first of the month. I watched the American League Championship Series (baseball) because the Texas Rangers were playing. They're now in the World Series playing the St. Louis Cardinals. Seeing as my mom was born and raised in St. Louis, and her half the family lives there, this has led to a house divided. My mom is a die-hard Cardinals fan, and my brother is supporting her. We live in Ranger territory. Since I was born in Florida but have lived most of my life in Texas, I'm rooting for the Texas Rangers. My sister is born & raised Texan, so obviously rooting for Texas. My dad is born and raised Texan, but his wife is rooting for the Cardinals, so mostly keeping his mouth shut....although he did make a nice quote tonight when a Cardinal caught a nice hit to the outfield- that it was a Cardinal sin. The looks my mom gave him were priceless. It's really led to a house divided, and even some battles amongst the family members. I think it'll end up being the Rangers winning, sadly, in St. Louis, rather than in their home field. *sigh*

My sister has been having marching competitions because it's marching season, and she's a clarinet in the marching band. They've done really well, advancing to area competition. If they do well at area they'll compete at state for the first time in school history. She also turned 16 on the 22nd, my baby sister is growing up so fast! She got some gifts she liked, and got to hang out with friends. If I could rewind and have a sweet 16 like that, I would. I went and saw Elf, and had to separate my "friends" because they hated each other, even though they barely knew each other, and neither of them even talks to me anymore...I don't know if that's good or bad. We went and had Red Lobster (and got stuffed, so much to eat), watched Paranormal Activity 3, and I think she had a good time.

I'm also in the transition period between dropping university services and finding outside services. In other university news, last week, I picked up my cap, gown, tassels, and degree. I'm in the process of getting tickets- I've signed up, and tickets will be released soon. I'm anxious. I'm still trying to pick a place to temporarily hang my degree in my room.

I'm also on the hunt for jobs, still. I have an interview at JCPenney on Thursday. I'm really nervous about it, and should I bring a resume? My resume needs to be completely retyped, and looks pretty horrible thus far. This is, though, my first interview amongst all the jobs I've applied for, so I'm ready to put everything I have into it. It's a retail job (oh the horror!!!) but I think I can handle it, after the previous retail job I've held in the holidays, as well as the communication skills I've built and the work ethic.

So that, so far, has been my October. We're preparing for Halloween (oh, this really is a horror, let me tell you). We usually have upwards of 600 trick or treaters- kept track of by packages of Pixi Stix. We buy enough for 600, sit on the patio out front (no use in sitting inside, they just come up the driveway/front path in lines, there's not even time to shut the door before the next kid is there), hand out one pixi stick and something else to each kid till we run out of Pixi Stix, then we shut the lights out (and still the doorbell rings, since we usually run out early).

Pollen and whatnot is all bothering right now, and most of the time I am ending the day with a bad headache and/or stuffy nose, watery eyes, something that makes me want to avoid typing this much. Today I did it, I finally mustered up enough to type a whole blog. I plan on coming back in November to my daily blogging, hopefully. As of now, I don't have much to blog about anyway, as my days are typically empty and boring. My whole month filled one blog. Pitiful, right?

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

I quite frankly found your month, thus far, quite intriguing! So many traditions different to ours!

MultipleMum said...

I reckon I would have joined the marching band if we had such a thing in Aus. Sounds fun I reckon. Thanks for Rewinding. We are back on Jan 6 x

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