02 April 2011

Words falling out

Lately, I've just been in this kind of catatonic....I really don't know what to say kind of states. Blank. Words aren't coming very easily right now. When they do come out, it's like alphabet soup, and nothing fits together anymore. It's like I got a sudden creative streak and ran with it, but stopped running and it ran away. Kind of a bummer, because I had a lot to say that I didn't say, and now can't remember

I find myself doing that often, remembering something that I might want to write about, having an entire blog written in my head, but when I sit down and type....I'll type 3/4 of a blog and be like "oh crap, this sucks. I thought this was a better idea but now I hate it"....hence I haven't had any recent blogs.

I thought about doing a blog (as a joke) that I was going to quit school because I got a job, and write out all the details and stuff here, for April Fools, but.....I didn't have much to put in it. I'm also lacking the energy...just going through the day itself is exhausting for some reason, and I don't know why. So, it's not that I'm busy or doing anything more productive than typing blogs, it's just that I have nothing to blog about for right now. That's kind of sad. It comes and it goes. I'll have a month with many blogs then a few months with fewer. I'll try to keep up. Depending on how much time school will be demanding me, as well as change in meds....who knows. I'll be out here somewhere.

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