10 May 2011

Forever....for now

I didn't really have an idea about what to post tonight, until I read my sister's facebook thread (I love you C!).

These days, kids jump so quickly into things. They take on jobs, get cell phones and computers, and get into relationships without second thought. They think they have it all, that they know how life works, that they know everything that stands ahead of them....after all, any information they need is right at their fingertips. They don't want to be considered children anymore, and rightfully so, because they're not, but they are not fully adult either. They don't think things through the same way adults do, if they think things through at all.

I am sad to say that the majority of the people I know that went out in high school are no longer together. Some of them moved away, some simply broke up and moved on. Some of them went on to get married, and ended up divorced or separated. I know right now of one single couple that is still together that went out in high school, and I haven't heard from them in a while. One never got married, but they have a child together. Several of the couples got married, had a child (or more than one) and got divorced, some just got married and divorced or separated. I'm sure if they had seen what was going to happen, they might have done things differently; of course, the ones with children love their children to death, but as far as relationships go, they might have left themselves open to opportunity, instead of tying themselves down so soon.

I think we all are like that at times, in certain situations. We buy some new, fancy item, just to find out 5 months later that it's really crappy, and we could have bought something which would have been a lot more useful. Some take a job transfer, just to find out the new place is even worse than the original. Some people have very little impulse control; I'm bad when it comes to shopping sometimes, although I've gotten better since losing my job.

Sometimes, we're forced to make decisions on the fly- "Let me know by Friday if you want to transfer," "That sale ends tomorrow;" other people pressure us into making those decisions in such a manner. This isn't really a healthy way to live, though. We have to kind of make a decision and take a chance sometimes. When we are faced with something that might have a positive outcome, we should still consider alternatives...

For instance, if I went into college intent on being a pre-med major (which is kind of what I wanted), and never allow the chance for anything else, how will we know what we can do? I dabbled around a bit, because it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and I'm glad I didn't officially declare that as my major, because I'm strongly oriented away from the sciences. Now I'm a social work major, and I'm happier with my choice than I ever would have been with pre-med, even though the income isn't going to be as fancy. I don't have to go to medical school; I can go to grad school and get my masters', which I'd like to do, and counsel (they make decent money, right?). I never would have been able to do that with pre-med. I never would have been able to do that with a business degree. I might have been able to with a psychology degree, but wouldn't have enjoyed the ride as much, and would have had to do a lot more research and additional years of schooling.

If I had gone into that situation with a mind set that I was going to get a pre-med degree, and not even consider anything else, I wouldn't be as happy, I wouldn't have had some of the opportunities I've had, I would have had to struggle through years of science classes, I might have been utterly miserable and dropped out even. I gave it a chance, but I didn't like it, so I gave something else a chance. When I didn't like that, I gave something else a chance. I found a major that I love, and I'm glad I didn't dedicate myself to my first impulsive choice

Bearing this example in mind, I turn to high school relationships. Face it, when you're between 13 and 17 (hey, I was 13 when I started high school!!), you have no idea where the rest of your life is going to take you. You don't know who you'll meet tomorrow, next week, a year, or 3 years from now. So why tie yourself to one person, when you could be out there finding the right person, instead of being head-over-heels for someone, then turning around and hating them? I mean, I know it's easy to become obsessed with someone, but that doesn't mean they're "the one". In fact, it is highly unlikely that you'll find "the one" in the first 13-17 years of your life. It's possible (for those of you whom I know will complain "But I knew!!" It is, as I said, highly unlikely that you will find someone that you will want to spend the rest of your life with that early, especially when you haven't even been through high school and college yet, and might not have even had a job! You're knocking out hundreds of potentials if you're already off the market before you hit high school. I just wish it was easier for these kids to see.

Even as far as friends go- I was friends with a girl for 8 years, and I thought we'd be friends forever....we always signed our notes with BFFLTF- best friends for longer than forever.....because to me, forever wasn't long enough. We haven't spoken since her birthday. She didn't call me back for mine, less than a week later. It hurts, but life happened.

Sorry if any of this is a bit redundant, I've got a major headache (again) and I've been studying hardcore for my finals looking for the answers to the finals in the textbooks completing the take home finals I have to do. Maybe I'll have a clearer head once the semester is finished and I've had time to breathe a bit.

Deuces, yo


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Cheeseboy said...

Change is inevitably inevitable. I think you have captured that masterfully here.

BTW, I was a Social Work major and have a degree in Social Work. I double majored in Human Development. And then I became a teacher. I think this illustrates your point perfectly.

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Social workers can do just about anything! And the fact that you have a degree in development...well, at least it's somewhat related to your field.

Thanks for dropping by :)

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