27 May 2011

The unsettling truth

Sometimes, you can look at a person, ask them to tell the truth, and they can tell you that they're being honest, and they may look like they're being honest, and it doesn't even bother them to lie, and that bothers me. That, my readers, is the unsettling truth. Despite the consequences that can come from lying, people will lie through their teeth, and not only that, but they will do it often enough to become seasoned liars, liars seasoned enough that nobody can tell when they're lying or telling the truth.

These are the ones you have to watch out for. They're crafty, they're swift, they're creative, and they don't care what you think, or what will happen to them. They may have served time before, or they may have never been caught. Somehow, they've learned over the years that somehow, they had to perfect the art of being sneaky.

Living in a world of sneaky people leaves the honest ones wondering whom it is they can trust. What is the value of honesty? It also lends to the behavior of younger generations- if they can lie and get away with it...why shouldn't I lie? It composes an endless cycle of lying and cheating and questionable behavior. Those who are honest are left behind, forced to bear the consequences left because of those who are dishonest- they must keep their things under lock and key, hide their valuables, determine whom they should trust, and sometimes, they must have things taken away from them when they have done nothing wrong. What do people get anymore for honesty? What is their reward?

I, myself, am an honest person. I trust that many others are honest people. I know of certain people who are dishonest, and I try to discourage that behavior, but I can't stop it. I have to work around it. I have various safety measures that I take that I won't mention here simply because I don't want someone reading them and finding ways around them, I'm that paranoid. I really wish I could say that I believed most people are honest, but with each passing day, I am finding myself doubting that more and more. I am wondering if, in the future, people will even care about honesty. I think it's a very important characteristic in a person, but these days, it doesn't seem to be as important. It seems to be shrugged off. That bothers me.

Where do you draw the line? Where does dishonesty become too much? When it affects you? When it affects someone you know? When it costs a certain amount of money? Is there a black and white? Is it okay to lie in some situations? Is it okay to omit information? I admit, I've omitted information in situations where whatever was wrong ended up being fixed or turning out okay. On occasion, I do more than I mention, but it's not a planned thing. I don't take things from people, I don't try to hurt people and lie about it, I don't hurt people and lie about it, I don't say things I shouldn't and lie about it, I don't try to cause trouble.

I just wish the rest of the world operated on a system that had a bit more honesty, so that I didn't have to go around worrying about the things I own being stolen, or people talking about me behind my back and lying to my face, or wondering if I'll ever know the truth about someone. It's unsettling that people can be so comfortable with lying, and have no guilt about it. Very unsettling....and that is the truth.


Cake Betch said...

I feel like I'm a pretty honest person. Of course I omit information sometimes if appropriate but I'm for the most part an open book. I find that the more honest I am with people the more honest they are with me. And over the years I've somehow managed to have a pretty good feel for who is full of shit and who is not.

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Liars tend to continue not to own up to their shit.

In this case, the liar continued their prior behavior, and didn't own up to their shit, and discovered that they didn't have to, because what was stolen was accounted for.

It makes me sick, sometimes, the things that people can do, get away with, and not even feel the slightest twinge of guilt for. How can a person live life like that? Stealing from someone else who has TRIED TO HELP THEM and not owning up to it. I just don't know how to express it. I'm pretty sure I know who did it, but now I'll never have any evidence, unless the person confesses to me one-on-one. I doubt that will ever happen. Twisted, the way this world works.

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