29 September 2011

Extraordinarily lacking- blogging without material

It's extraordinarily difficult to write a good blog when you don't have much going on in your life. Eat, sleep, search for jobs, a little bit of not feeling so well here, it's just not bloggable material.

I went to the homecoming game last week....they lost. Didn't really want to blog about it; that, and I was miserable, and couldn't breathe. I went to bed straightaway after getting home.

I've been watching a lot of Big Bang Theory on DVR. Bloggable? No.

I had a guest post. That was blogged.

When life has no substance, it makes it difficult to blog. I know I'm shooting myself in the foot when I say this, but if you want to have something to blog about, you have to go out and do something first. There's nothing to blog about if you're not doing anything.

Think about it like sewing. If you have no material (in this case, no experiences/happenings in your life), you can't sew anything. How can you sew anything if you don't have anything with which to sew? So you have to have the tools and material with which to sew before you can even start to make something great.

At one time I had that. Now I don't do much of anything.

So I'm a little bit of a hypocrite. Would it help if I mentioned that nobody would let me volunteer either? Companies take on risks when they take volunteers, and I guess either they have enough or they don't want to take that risk. Volunteering, finding a job, it's all not happening for me. I did find something I liked, but it's 4 hours away and very impractical right now.

So, you see, if you don't make something to write about, you'll write a circular blog like mine, about how you'll have nothing to write about because you're doing nothing. Blogged.



To the Toy Box and Beyond said...

I have nothing to blog about either and if I did I doubt anyone would read it let alone leave a comment. Good luck on your job search

p.s. I have a thrifting blog that has more followers than my real life blog. Guess people would rather see the crap I buy than here about my crappy life

Ames said...

Well maybe you could blog about book and movie reviews. Issues you research, fashions you like or don't like. Find something you would like to do and blog about that. Life is what you make it. Go out on a limb. Good luck with job hunting!~Ames

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

good luck on the job hunt! I know a lot of people who are in the same boat right now....

Something will come up!



Karen S. said...

Just clicking on and posting whatever...is all we can do ...it's just a fun way everyday...another new way...! Take care!

Catherine said...

I'm primarily a review blogger, so I should never have this problem, and even so, sometimes, I just hit a wall and I can't think of a single thing to write. It seems we all get it..
I guess that's how "Wordless Wednesdays" came about. ;)

Jenny said...

Well darn! You mean we're actually supposed to have something to write about when we blog?!?

I think I've been doing it wrong all this time - ha!

I loved this post! It really hit home for me...and I think you did an Xcellent creative job of creating a fun post anyway!


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