25 November 2011

Things I know- Black Friday

This is a dreadful edition of Things I Know. In America, everyone takes the luxury of having the day after Thanksgiving, a national holiday, to go Black Friday shopping. This is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, and often considered the kickoff of the holiday season. Big discounts are introduced for the day, and people swamp stores. People have been camping out at Best Buy since Tuesday. This shit is serious!

Here's what I know:

  • People are mad crazy and will do whatever it takes to get the biggest discounts they can, no matter what the cost to the retailer or employees involved. 
  • It is always a mess and you never get to leave within a reasonable amount of time of closing the store
  • People can't fold clothes after looking at them
  • People don't usually read coupons
  • You know little respect for what retail employees go through until you've BEEN a retail employee
  • The madness doesn't stop, even in the late afternoon
  • There will always be another Black Friday
  • An employee will always be tired after a Black Friday shift. It's almost like a rule. 
  • My birthday gift will probably be from Black Friday :P
  • People are still crazy.


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