17 February 2012

In the Abyss

The darkness envelopes me like a thick smokey fog
I don't know which direction I am going anymore
Everything in my life seems to have taken a drastic dark turn
I can't find my way out no matter how hard I try

I bang on the walls and scream for help, but nobody listens
They don't realise the type of predicament I'm stuck in
As I fall deeper and deeper into the abyss,
I know it will be that much harder to escape

I reach out and all I feel is the cold, damp darkness that is consuming me whole
No kind hand, no kind words to comfort me when I need them
I am alone in this effort, and the only way out is seemingly invisible
I'm trapped.

How long should I suffer like this?
In silence because nobody can hear me?
In darkness where nobody can see me?
Alone where nobody can feel my presence?

How long can I go on knowing that nothing will ever be the same?
I can't


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