07 September 2010

But I was early!!

There are a lot of things in this world that are very annoying- today, it's the university's parking situation. See, I live 30 miles away from the university, so I already know I have to leave early. I left my house at 7.15 in the frikken morning- for my 9.30 class. That gives me 2.25 hours to get there and find parking.

I arrived at UTA at approximately 8.00, and I figured...hey!! I'm early!! But I still had to find a parking spot. So I drove around, waiting and watching fervently for a parking spot, like a hawk circling its prey. Around and around the parking lot I drove....as I watched time tick by. 8.30, still nothing. 9.00, still nothing. 9.15, still nothing. 9.20 I start getting impatient and antsy. 9.29 I start yelling at the inanimate objects (cars)

9.45, I'm really upset, and I'm starting to cry because I already know that I'm late enough that the professor will count me absent. I'm STILL looking around, trying to find a single damn parking spot. 9.59, I'm wondering if I'll ever find a parking spot. 10.05, I finally spot a student climbing in their car. Finally, I had a parking spot. Lesson? Arrive at 6.30 and sleep until class starts 3 hours later. NOT. Park across campus and use the campus shuttle, which takes 30 minutes to get to the social work

I go into the building, and try to download the powerpoint. Problem- when I go to the group website......IT'S NOT THERE. I start clicking maniacally, as though it will really make a difference, but it doesn't. My computer probably wasn't liking me much as I expressed my frustration through the keyboard. Finally, I decided to just start taking my notes in word. I really don't like doing it this way, because I feel the compulsion to write down every word the professor says, as well as every word on the screen. I can't keep up.

She dismisses class at 10.30. I think I crumbled (again). My frustration could not be quantified through words, there's no way. She showed me the website after class- I still don't know why it's not showing up on my screen.

Now for the fun part of my post- a small joke
You shouldn't throw stones in a glass house, so what should you throw?

Parties! Have fun ;)

Peace, Love, and Music ☮♥♫♪

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