07 September 2010

Need an Ark!

It's a nice little rainy day today. I've been to 2 of my classes now, and I'm just relaxing on the second floor of the social work building, inundating myself with hundreds of potential paper topics, and listening to the rain hit the windows beside me. Apparently, we are getting the remnants of a tropical storm that formed recently. I actually like the rain, as long as there's not thunder and lightning with it. It's kind of relaxing. I don't mind driving in the rain either, although it seems like the rest of Texas never had a driving lesson (sometimes). Despite my description of everyone else's driving, I cannot attest that I am a great driver, because I'm not, but that's a WHOLE other story.

It seems like every time it rains, though, we get a flood warning. Last night we got a flood warning, before it even started raining! I was like.....uh....flood.....WHAT??? Weather here is crazy. The rain has brought temps down to bearable, though, thankfully, after a blistering hot July/August.

I've recently realized that I have nothing of interest to write about, but that's ok I guess. Although I'd LIKE to be interesting, so that people would take the chance to read my blog and perhaps follow it. I need topics though. Topics of any kind! Well, almost. There are a few things I won't write about.

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