04 September 2010

A Day in Killeen

Today wasn't too bad. I didn't faint, or fall over on my face, or embarrass myself in any sort of way, like I was afraid I would. It was a long drive, and I'm really exhausted, but it was fun :)

The drive to Killeen from Fort Worth is approximately 130 miles, or a little over 2 hours. I wound up leaving a little later than I wanted, but it's okay because they didn't really start anything until after everyone had eaten. I got there and ate a bit before all the fun stuff started. A few of the girls I had gone to high school with were there, so I wasn't completely alone there- Jasri, Nina, and Janette were also there, as well as Valerie of course. We played a few games- by far the most interesting goes as follows:
There are 6 diapers labeled with the numbers 1-6, and each one has a CANDY BAR mashed up inside of it (so it kind of looks like baby crap), and you have to guess what kind of candy bar was inside each diaper! It was hilarious watching people shove what looked like a dirty diaper (but was actually chocolate) in their face to sniff it....and dig around in it to see if we could see nuts......it was hilarious. Especially since we were in public! I got really close to guessing them all, but close doesn't win it. Oh well, it was still fun.

Jasri invited me to her house after. She lives way out in the middle of nowhere, so she had to assure me that she did not have ill intentions, and she was not planning to lead me to a deceptive place to chop me into bits and hide my body. All in good fun, of course. It was good to just sit and relax and talk with her for a while. We talked about college, about how life has been treating us since we last spoke, our shared social awkwardness, many things. I didn't feel as socially awkward as I thought I would, and was surprised to found that she felt awkward herself! I wasn't alone!

Around 19.30 (that's 7.30pm), I decided it was about time to drive home. Of course, I didn't want to drive, but I didn't have my things to stay the night down there, since I didn't think I'd have a place to stay overnight. The drive home was
very long. All the distance is highway, thankfully, so I cruised most of the way home just above the speed limit. Interesting sights/events-

1. What looked like a railroad crossing, without the tracks, stood in the middle of a parking lot, with a "station" behind it. Must have been a train station back in the day, but now just filled a vacant lot.

2. Those scrolling signs by the highway, it's interesting that they say: Drink, Drive, Go to Jail. I know it's a warning to not drink and drive, but it almost, as it reads, sounds like an encouragement. Drink! Drive! I wonder if they ever considered that?

3. When I got to Temple, I decided to pull off to eat because I was STARVING. I wanted to go to that Taco Hell there- I could see it from the highway. Of course, I did not realize that it was down a one way street- the other direction. I had to swing around the block then come back. When I left the drive-thru, I went to get back on the highway....but ended up going the wrong direction. Therefore, I had to exit again, turn myself around, and go back the correct direction.

4. When I got to Hillsboro, I forgot which side of the I-35 Interchange I was supposed to take- I knew I was supposed to take the I35-W, of course, but I didn't know whether to be in the outer-most lane or innermost lane. I ended up guessing correctly, but it took some thought

5. 10 miles later, after all the stuff in town has turned into sparse townland, I realize something- I have to pee. REALLY bad. I look at my gas gauge, and it was sitting at 1/4 tank. I knew I'd have to stop before I got home. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how truly sparse everything is between Hillsboro and Fort Worth. I found (1) gas station (only one!), and when I turned off to go in.....it was closed!!! I managed to gather myself and drive all the way back to Burleson without peeing myself, and stop at the first station in town, which is a QT, run in and lose three dress sizes, buy a smirnoff, and fill my car.

The good thing about QT is that they have a debit card, which gives you a certain dollar amount off per gallon, depending on when you sign up/how long you've had it. Since they just switched to Discover, they re-started the discount, so currently I'm getting 10c off per gallon- which is great! So I only use QT. I'm really enjoying my discount, especially seeing as I drive 300+ miles per week. At 10:30 I made my way into the house, tired as hell, with my fifth of smirnoff close at hand, ready to get on the internet and waste loads of time.

Yea, I have homework....but I'm way too tired to do it. My sister and I have discussed going to Six Flags in Arlington tomorrow- there's not long left in the summer season, so I asked if she wanted to go one last time, but she hasn't answered yet. I don't even know if she's home. She's been really busy with school and friends lately- my baby sister is in high school!! She plays the clarinet in the marching band, and it's marching season, so usually, that's where she's at.

Time to drink myself into oblivion, check out all my internet accounts (say, who is that reading me in Canada? And someone else in the states too- you can comment! Not that I'm obsessing or watching my stats or anything.....)

Peace, Love, and Music ☮♥♫♪

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