09 October 2010

Dream World

No, this isn't what I dream the world could be like. This is about some of the dreams I have been having lately.

1) This one came during class. I was driving a car, when suddenly my brakes went out. I was screaming "brake, brake, OH SHIT I CAN'T STOP THE CAR" (which I actually accidentally said out loud), then I smashed into a cherry red Escalade. This one has happened repeatedly.

2) We get a sudden downpour of rain here in town. The lake and the creek overflow to where the street is flooding. However, the only damage done to any of the buildings occurs in my bedroom, where everything is destroyed. When I ask for assistance, everyone tells me I should have been more prepared, or more courteous, or more [insert something here]

3) I am at an airport with one of my sister's friends. She drags me to the side to see something, but then she turns a corner and I miss where she went. I wander around for hours unable to find anyone I know, and end up in a thrift shop full of stuff that I like, but can't afford. Suddenly I find someone, but they don't see me, they just keep going on their way. I stop in a staircase which is very scary as far as staircases go (narrow, no handle, going round in short blocks).

4) I am out with my sister. She abandons me to look at something, and when I find her, she claims not to know me at all. She then takes my car and leaves, leaving me stranded at the mall with no vehicle to drive and nobody to pick me up or take me anywhere. I break down and cry. I try to make a call, but my mom has had my cell cut off.

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