09 October 2010

Freedom to speak and be insulted and hated

It seems like my first amendment rights are being revoked by those who claim themselves to be friends. Well, not really revoked, but whenever I do speak my mind, I get attacked for what I say, then their goal becomes to make me feel as awkward and awful as possible.

I've been told by so-called friends to f*** off....to stay away, leave them alone, shut up.....I've been called names and criticized. I mention something small, someone blows it out of proportion, and suddenly I'm inconsiderate and ignorant and hateful. It's just not right. I have no ill intent toward anyone, and a person who knows me, especially a friend, would understand that.

I mention that my knee hurts, and a so-called friend says "Well so-and-so is having knee surgery, she'd probably be happy to just have a sprained knee".....well, yes, minimize my pain. Because it's not surgery, it can't hurt, right? Therefore, I should portray sickening happiness, and allow people to minimize me. To do otherwise would be rude and ignorant.

I'm just so tired. No, my life isn't the worst out there, I know that. But that doesn't mean it can't be horrible, stressful, etc. I just want to be appreciated, that's all. I don't want people hating me because I say one thing or another. Just because I noticed that people say "hi" a lot doesn't mean that I believe we shouldn't greet each other- I like greeting others and being greeted. Just because I say something hurts doesn't mean I'm saying nobody hurts worse. Things can easily be misinterpreted over the internet. Just don't jump to the gun.

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