09 October 2010


There are the kinds of friends that listen to you when you need to talk. There are the kind of friends who are there for you when you need to cry. There are the kind of friends that'll do anything for you. The friends that you can say anything around. The kind that build you up and give you confidence. The ones that can keep secrets. The ones who make you feel worthwhile. You allow them to talk about their problems, and they don't have to point out that they don't complain, because you already know. They accept kindness. They treat you like an equal, they don't order you around, and they don't try to press judgment on you. They encourage you

Then there are the "friends" who listen, but tell you that you're being unappreciative. The ones that, when you cry, tell you that someone always has it worse. The ones who will only do things for you as they see fit. Those you have to watch your words around, or they'll twist your words and make you sound selfish and narcissistic. The ones that bring you down by making sure you know that your problems are nothing. The ones that blab every word you say to someone else, and analyze every word you say so they can call you on it later, when there's nothing to really be called on, they're just misinterpreting. They tell you everything you do wrong, and make you feel like your whole life is mistake after mistake. They have to point out that they don't complain because they don't want you judging them, but you know they complain. You try to be nice but things get twisted around. They are condescending, bossy, and patronizing. They point out the errors in your thinking and sometimes leave you feel discouraged about something you may have been excited about before. They bring you down when you do feel happy. There are the ones that talk about you when you aren't around, and only pretend to care. They try to dictate your life and tell you what you should feel.

What kind of friend are you?

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