03 October 2010

Let there be light

So what, does it take an act of Congress to get a clear lightbulb around this house? I can find soft white bulbs spouting from every open space, yet not a single clear bulb, which is what I need. Isn't that screwed up?

Life lately has been pretty boring. Not much to write about, if you know what I mean. I did get a 94 on a biology test, which I felt completely unprepared for!! I have tons of papers to write, though, so I'm not blogging as much, or, well, doing much of anything else except writing papers. My topics are:

  • Research Proposal: How can Bipolar Disorder be distinguished from Borderline Personality Disorder? (Phase II Due October 21, Phase III Due December 2)
  • Research Article Critique: Choose 2 articles that will be used for the proposal, and analyze and critique them (November 11)
  • Practice III Group: What leads some people with mental illness to substance abuse? (November 4, presentation November 23)
  • Practice III Individual: What are the barriers to receiving treatment for mental illness, and how can this issue be solved? (October 14)
  • Policy Advocacy Letter: The process for receiving treatment for mental illness should be simplified, and counties should treat any person with a need for treatment that cannot receive treatment any other way (October 12)
  • Policy Analysis Group: A program should be created to supplement H.R. 1931, a program for mentally ill youth that helps deter them from the criminal justice system, and the new program should include assistance for mentally ill adults. (Presentation November 30, Paper Final Draft Due December 11)
  • Policy Extra Credit I: Does crime cause poverty, or does poverty cause crime? (October 5)
  • Policy Extra Credit II: Does the welfare system foster dependence on federal aid? (October 19)
  • Policy Extra Credit III: Why are the funds allocated for welfare and assistance programs never fully used? (October 5)
  • Policy Extra Credit IV: Emergency food assistance and how it is related to the field of social work (October 8)
Plus Exams:
  • Practice III Exam II November 9
  • Research Midterm October 12
  • Research Final December 9
  • Biology Exam II Late October (TBA)
  • Biology Lab Practical Mid-October (TBA)
  • Biology Exam III Mid-November (TBA)
  • Biology Lab Practical II Mid-November (TBA)
  • Biology Final Early December (TBA)
  • Biology Lab Final Early December (TBA)

So does that sound like I have enough to write? It's actually kind of helpful to see it in list form with due dates, to help prioritize. Actually, I think this is more a list for myself than for anyone else. After all, it's only of concern to me!

Anyway, time to get to work on all this scheisse. If you don't hear from me, trust me, I'm fine, just busy. Workouts every day, class 11.30-1 Monday/Friday, class 9-12.30 & 6-9 on Tuesday, class 9.30-1 Wednesdays, 9-12.30 Thursdays, group meetings, and of course homework, and exams.

PS I finally got a lightbulb. Now I can see better :D

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